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Monday, July 25, 2005

Crumbly fart Brian Walden condemns freedom

Who would have guessed Brian Walden is still alive ?

This doddery old fossil wrote a horrific diatribe on the BBC's website about how we should all be 'governed', that liberty should be sacrificed and that we should turn away from trying to form any understanding about the current terrorist's actions. The article bordered on senility in places, implying throwing away relationships with Muslim countries, rubber stamping the self serving neo con regime in America and turning the UK into one Christian-Right, self contained partitioned bubble of fear and suspicion.

You can't 'govern' people anymore Brian. People haven't been 'governed' for about 200 years or more, that would be back when you were a young man. People are manipulated with FUD these days Brian, that is about the closest governments can get to 'governing.'

Not that it matters anyway , you won't be around by the time your personal vision of slavery is introduced so it's not something you have to worry about.

Brian, either take your pills or go back into your dusty old wardrobe sick old man. Your article is doing the work for the terrorists for them.


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