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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Links to Iraq war continue

Leaked secret report directly linked terrorist-related activity in Britain with the ongoing violence in Iraq..

Still Blair denies.

Gordon Brown cheats on budget

This is a classic New Labour trick to move the goal posts or redefine the definition of success in order to claim they achieved their target. This is getting old already.

Nearly 25,000 civilians have died violently in Iraq since the US-led invasion

What heroes Tony Blair and New Labour are. What champions of the world. Three cheers for them.

Also of interest is news that New Labour have made secret changes in the role of 'Special Advisers'. New Labour are obsessed with special advisers of course, they literally cannot exist without them which tells you rather a lot. In the above link, New Labour's use of special advisers is described as having

"compromised the integrity of the civil service and created a powerful coterie of party appointees who had a corrupting influence."

And kinda on this theme another catch for the New Labour Zoo!

Peter Mandelson New Labour
This is the Mandelworm; a hideous maggot that lives on the rotting flesh and dung of poltical opportunity and ambition. It flits around looking for a host, before settling on it's chosen victim which it deems the most advantageous for it's life cycle. It then proceeds to draw vital sustaining fluids from the victim. Unfortunately without a host the Mandelworm is completely helpless. Suitable hosts include: dung, carrion, prime ministers, or insitutions like the EU. Some experts contest that the Mandelworm is not actually a parasite and see it as having more of a symbiotic relationship with the host being, indeed it has been noted that some hosts themselves cannot survive without the presence of a Mandelworm or related species.