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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Those fat pink pigs, terror winning?

Mr Clarke, trying to whip up more snooping in Europe

What happens after another terrorist attack ? Or another ? Or another ?

Squeeze a little tighter, a little tighter still ? A bit more ? And ?

I think you are a coward Mr. Clarke, a squealing little fat piggy without a clue about the repurcussions of what you are trying to do. No understanding, no care. I could be cynical and hope that you know full well when Europe agrees to impliment something that doesn't really get implimented, and that all you are doing is a bit of lip service to the UK media to make it look like your fat repugnant form is actually trying to do something about terrorism.

But this comes as part of New Labour's agenda of hate of the individual, hatred of enterprise, and mistaken belief that you belong to the government. Sorry fat boy, it's the other way round. At least it should be.

Has the lack of mobile phone and internet records going back ad infinitum hampered the police's investigation ? ahh..um...

Do we want a spineless government that has increased terrorism and buckles under any terrorist threat to be collecting data of what sites we or our children are viewing ?

Personally I think it is high time for a list of ISPS who have been retaining data above and beyond what they need (usually 4 days) as to permit government snooping.

Fancy a EU wide finger print database anyone ?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

great picture - but I'd rather see Blair mocked - not the poodles poodle :)

12:10 AM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Hey thanks for the comment. Definitely more Bliar coming soon


7:27 PM  

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