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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Indirect incitement of terrorism

I had the misfortune of waking up early enough to see the usual stale morning politcs shows today. And who was there ? Lord Piglet (Lord Dome (Lord Falconer), podgy dodgy flat mate of Tony Blair and Chief of Cronies) talking about new terror laws.

Indirect incitement of terrorism sounds like a lot of fun. And a lot of crap. Under this brilliantly thought out piece of New Labour legislation people won't be able to say things like "I hope Tony Blair gets reduced to gibs". or "I wish someone would put Lord Pigletdomecrony on a bit spit with an apple in his mouth and roast his vile porcine form over a blazing fire"

Does this remind you a bit of when Mrs. Thatcher blanked out Gerry Adams's voice ?

Also...da da! Another catch for the New Labour Zoo.

"woof woof!"

Tony McNulty diseased dog

This filthy Mutt was caught eating it's own faeces, yet it also has the unusual ability of being able to crap out of it's mouth. It seems to be in serious distress and is very aggressive apparently due to having 80% of it brain missing. It barks loudly but has no real teeth. It also makes a strange grunting noise that sounds like "AYE DEE CAWDS". The canine has a foul smell and appears to be rabid. Unfortunately, like every bad dog that is a danger to the public it will need to be put down. It's the kindest thing to do in the circumstances.


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