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Monday, July 18, 2005

Iraq war put UK at risk

Report states the UK's close alliance with the US over Iraq put the UK under increased terrorist risk

Well duh. I always think it's a shame that some 'think tank' has to come up with an answer that everyone already knows anyway.

And I imagine it's not just the Iraq war itself, but the concoction of lies, spin, manipulation of intelligence and outright bullshit that was strewn together to justify it. It's made worse still by the continued remorseless spinning by the Labour government that the invasion of Iraq was still in the best interess of the UK.

If that were not bad enough, the report coincides with the UK government's censorship of a book by the former British Ambassador to the UN Jeremy Greenstock. In his book he is highly critical of the US and describes the invasion as "politically illegitimate". It also apparently contains embarassing conversations with Mr. Blair and is scathing towards US secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice.

Sounds like a good read.


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