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Thursday, August 18, 2005

String of blunders and lies won't stop

As if it couldn't get worse still as this whole shocking charade continues to unravel, the Mirror has another scoop:

Met Police Commander Cressida Dick ordered officers tailing the 27-year-old electrician to detain him BEFORE he got on a Tube at Stockwell station, South London.

It was also disclosed that police gave a wildly inaccurate account of Jean Charles's final minutes to pathologist Kenneth Shorrock.

Jean Charles's family and friends called on Sir Ian to resign. Family lawyer Harriet Wistrich said: "He should go. Lies have been put out and nobody has corrected them."

Senior government figures have already signalled that the police chief could be sacked.

Yesterday it emerged that Sir Ian wrote to the Home Office on July 22, the day of the shooting, to delay the start of an inquiry by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Solicitors Ms Wistrich and Gareth Peirce claimed police had breached their statutory duty by failing to invite the IPPC to start its probe immediately after the shooting.

And yet some in the press still whine "ooh let's support the police, don't blame the police let's get behind them, we need to be protected against the terrorists"

Well, I say to all you weak, spineless treacherous dirt who rushed to lay blame at Jean Charles de Menezes for running away when challenged which never happened, for the preposterous allegation of wearing a bulky coat which is beyond belief but never happened anyway, for having an expired visa which is irrelevant, you utter trash of humanity who tried to lay blame at this innocent man and scrape the barrel in every way conceivable to infer or outright say he somehow deserved this or he was an unfortunate but necessary casualty to 'send a tough message'.

You rotting maggots who said that, trust me you are as wretched and cowardly and un-British as the comic distractions you parade in your gutter newspapers that 'encourage' others to kill people on tube trains with suicide bombs.

And that means all those finger wagging little Mrs I.P Nightlys who write to the BBC and tell them the police are absolutely right to do what they did, all those rancid pandering turkeys at the Daily Express who begged Tony to protect them from the nasty terrorists: "PLEASE TONY, DO SOMETHING, WE DON'T CARE ABOUT RIGHTS. PLEASE WE BEG YOU.OH GOD PLEASE PROTECT US FROM LORD HAW HAW. JEAN CHARLES DE MENEZES SHOOTING WAS JUST A MISTAKE" deserve torture in hell.

Well done.

And well done to the police, for finding the time to apprehend dangerous wi-fi criminals, while your colleagues try to cover up their own state sponsored murder.

Well done too for ex-police officers, who sit on the side lines getting paid to spout rubbish and smut for Rupert Murdoch, bragging how their policy of shoot-to-kill is just great.

And well done to Tony Blair. War hero, Churchillian Fabian Neocon Third Way Incrimentalist and Globalist who showed us the way and the light. Tough reforms, War on Terror, modernization and role of the UK. The soul, vision and legacy of New Labour who saved the world from terrorism and innocent guys with 'Mongolian eyes.'


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