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Monday, July 25, 2005

BBC defective shooting coverage

Depending on how you look at it, it would seem that in some unexpected quarters of the press, something a bit too close to a smear campaign of poor Jean Charles de Menezes, the innocent victim killed by police incompetence has begun.

A story was headlined by the BBC, then hastily rejigged into another that his work visa had expired which his family deny. But what has this to do anything ?

Next it will be someone shot, and well we the finger wagging elite can kind of rationalize that he ran from police because he had a minor traffic offense, or someone will be shot but society shall collectively be able to reason it because he had a parking ticket or stole apples when he was a kid.

I hope we don't see a plan to try and find any petty misdemeanor of this or other innocent victims that may attempt to explain away or rationalize horrific police blunders.

To my mind there is no excuse about this, there is no point tiptoeing around trying to say something that sounds politically acceptable to those who still lap up the war on terror mantra. I really feel for this guy and his family who are absolutely right to sue the shit out of the police, not that that is going to be adequate consolation.

What happened to Jean Charles de Menezes is not just some mistake, some regrettable tragedy, error, some unfortunate incident in an otherwise necessary strategy to be forgotten about when the police start shooting the right people.

Jean Charles de Menezes's killing is a shocking, appalling outrage of unbelievable proportions that underlines the blithering incompetence of the UK police with firearms, this ridiculous 'secret' policy implemented by a fanatical propagandist of the War on Terror, and the utter ideological corruption of Tony Blair who bent over like prize gift for one of the most fraudulent and crooked Presidents in US history, to endorse one of the most disastrous, falsified illegitimate wars conceivable.

Yet some in the media baaaa, "let's rally round Tony to protect us from the terrorists"

Why ? After all you Tony created them in this country you corrupt pathetic murderer, liar; you have blood all over your hands in this incident.

And what is more, you have blood all over your hands for the July the 7th bombings.

You would have blood all over your hands for the attempted July the 21st attacks, which thankfully didn't detonate properly.

And certainly you have blood all over your hands for the 25,000+ (but maybe 120,000+ total) civilians killed, others maimed, and troops killed or maimed in the Iraq war.

I hope you are happy great Tony. Great Churchillian Tony, steering us through war and 'picking up on the mood of the nation'. What would we do without you ?

While we are at it, I have been particularly appalled by some of the sickeningly stupid comments plastering the BBC's opinions page regarding the shooting. I have no doubt that a proportion of these are written by the government or even the police, as a conspiracy theory is more acceptable here than the terrifying thought that some people could actually be this stupid.

There is no way to way to issue any rebuttal there, so jultra has decided to reply to some of these right here:

I was in London on the occasions of both bombings and I feel much more comfortable knowing there is a shoot-to-kill policy. I feel sorry for the relatives of de Menezes, but to be honest, if he had a totally clear conscience, why was he running from armed police? If I were challenged by a policeman with a gun, I would drop to the floor and freeze!
Chris Johnson, Gibraltar

jultra says: Chris's policy is nothing to hide makes you 'safe'. Stick to Gibraltar; the real world is too real for you.

The question that we all seem to have, is why did he run? I know that I wouldn't run if the police told me to stop! Was it apparent that the pursuers were police officers? Why on a hot day and with the intention of going on the tube was he wearing a heavy coat? I feel very sorry for the police officers who had to make that split second decision. Do any of us really know how we would react?
Marie, Surrey

jultra says: That's right Marie. A coat automatically means you are a terrorist in tough new secret laws passed by the great Tony. These laws are for your security.

If Jean Charles HAD been a bomber and wasn't shot, then a lot of people could have died. He had all the symptoms of a terrorist, just not the bomb. Running into a packed tube the day after a bomb isn't the best idea.
Ryan McConnell, Belfast, NI

jultra says: I love it! Symptoms of a terrorist, indeed it is a new disease that has baffled the greatest minds in medicine down our way. And maybe you have a touch of it yourself. That Belfast accent makes you a highly suspicious character.

I believe the policemen involved had no choice but to do what they did. They are not going around randomly shooting suspicious looking individuals they happen to bump into at tube stations. It is terrible that another innocent person had to die and my thoughts go out to his family, but we have to stand together and support the police and not let the terrorists win on any level. And if it was my brother shot at Stockwell my views would still be the same.
Jackie, Stockwell, London

jultra says: I know ! I'll tip off the police, or maybe an armed gang impersonating them that your innocent brother is a terrorist and is about to launch an attack on a tube to put that theory to the test.

..I hope that the police continue in this same unprejudiced manner against terrorism. I know not of a police officer who would intentionally kill an innocent man.
Marcus, Shaftesbury

jultra says: "Unprejudiced Manner against terrorism". Do some research Marcus and read up on some of the things that occured within the era of IRA terrorism. Come back later and let us know if their manner was unprejudiced and justice was always done.

We are effectively at war. The police have to act the way they do to protect us. Horrible though it is, this is now a fact of life. Jean Mendezes is a poor innocent victim of this war - as were those killed in the bombings.
John Kirby, Ipswich

jultra says: John, we are at war ! Let's Panic ! Rupert Murdoch and ITV told me we are at war so I believe it ! Brits in Terror ! Boo hoo ! You might feel safe wrapped up in cotton wool by blundering police with guns but you don't speak for the rest of us.

The question that we all seem to have, is why did he run? I know that I wouldn't run if the police told me to stop! Was it apparent that the pursuers were police officers? Why on a hot day and with the intention of going on the tube was he wearing a heavy coat? I feel very sorry for the police officers who had to make that split second decision. Do any of us really know how we would react?
Marie, Surrey

jultra says: Yes poor Police, they have guns and dress in t-shirts and jeans and shoot people and they are alive. boo hoo

No alternative to such a policy in an environment where suicide bombers deliberately target the public.
Robert Jackson, London

jultra says: That's right Robert and if it's your son we will see how you feel.

..anybody who runs from the police into a Tube station in the current environment should expect a deadly response. The police responded appropriately in difficult circumstances to protect the public.
Andrew, Chiswick, London

jultra says: Andrew, why not discuss it with your cool friends in Chiswick at a trendy Wine bar or Bistro. I'm sure you will agree though it's a good job the police were not protecting the public from pointless pouting ****** or they would have shot you a long time ago.

...I completely agree with the actions taken by the British police and would support the same action if it were taken in Australia. The suggested use of an electrical stun gun may have triggered any explosive and the handcuffing of a fanatic, possibly carrying a bomb, would be fraught with danger. It is a war we're fighting and the enemy is not playing by any rules of engagement. Support your police, they are doing it for you.
Lindsay Bennett, Robina, Australia

jultra says: Hey you tell it. That very important international neocon wannabe political hustler and intellectual WMD John Howard has taught you well. Any rumours going around that John's head is currently being used as a football by other International leaders who don't take him seriously and see him as a boring little asshole are a complete lie.

The police had no option, the man could have been a suicide bomber. They could not afford to take chances with the lives of innocent people at stake. He should have obeyed the police when challenged.
Mrs I.E. Brown

Good God help us

EDIT: Jultra's orginal comments tamed down a bit, as they were a little strong and immature. For now...


Blogger Gert said...

I really like your blog, some of the pics are great.

Your comments on what people have said about the shoot-to-kill incident involving Mr de Menenez are also very much to the point. It's incredible what people are willing to believe in order to "enjoy" some false sense of security. Nothing to hide? Nothing to fear... Well, I've got lots of dirty little secrets to hide and I'm not a terrorist.

One suggestion: by the use of extremely strong language and too many expletives you're actually undermining the validity of your points. The points you're making speak for themselves and don't really need underscoring in that way.

My blog which is normally on SEO/SEM etc has now been hijacked by the "events".

Keep going!

4:52 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Great thanks for the comments Gert. You are right , I got so angered by the incredible nonsense I was reading that I think I went a little far. I'll probably delete the comments part of that post, or chuck out my additions. Thanks for the feedback, great blog btw, I see you picked up Brian Walden's insanity as well. many thanks again j

7:11 PM  

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