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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Blair terror plans unraveling


The government should not attempt to browbeat judges over its new anti-terrorism laws, the new senior judge in England and Wales warned yesterday...

[...]The clash over human rights and national security will play itself out over the autumn, when senior judges are asked to approve the deportation of terror suspects to Algeria and other countries with poor human rights records. Four appeal court judges have already warned anonymously they "won't buckle" by just rubber-stamping the "no torture" deals struck with foreign governments...

Tony Blair... warned judges - again in explicit terms - that they must not rule against the anti-terror measures that were being proposed. "When the police say this is what we need to make this country safe, you have got to have good reasons to say no to that."
(You have to laugh)


Blair and Clarke split over three-month detention plan...

[...]During fierce exchanges with the committee, Mr Clarke denied the Government was moving towards "a totalitarian Britain". He dismissed a claim by the Law Society that Cherie Blair, who has remarked that Palestinian suicide-bombers blow themselves up because they "feel they have got no hope", could fall foul of the new legislation.

"denied...moving towards totalitarian Britain" == Totalitarian Britain.

Clarke said that a "fantastic transformation" towards democracy over the past two decades (???) meant political violence could never be justified. He said: "I cannot myself think of a situation in the world where violence would be justified to bring about change."

Yes, it's difficult to believe that this barrel of shit could be so duplicitous, so full of double standards and double/triple/quadruple speak. It is truly stunning. This is the garbage you people elected. "Thhhhhhhinnnngs can only get betterrrrrrrrrrrr ooooooh".

Well sorry fatso, every free thinking person on the planet reserves the right to defend themselves from bad, corrupt, rotten, shit-stained murderous government. I'm sorry that doesn't sit well with you. I'm so sorry but it's tough shit.

You can take your wars, your endorsement of torture, your terror laws, your ID Cards, your corrupt police chiefs, your DNA Databases, your data retention, your medical record spying, your censorship, and stick them into your flabby porcine anus.


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