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Monday, October 10, 2005

Just so much news...

...who knows where to start, it's impossible.

Let us quickly mention everyone's favourite; pathetic snivelling ostrich Geoff Hoon who thinks compulsory voting should happen.

Surley, you will remember Geoff Hoon; former Blair-war marionette, wretched useless piece of crap, and someone desperate for a thimbleful of respect.(I demand you respect me!)

Naturally, spineless coward Hoon, doesn't seem to understand that his own corrupt party is one of the major causative agents of people no longer giving a damn about old fashioned traditional politics.

This kind of shite is all to do with Labour's movingthegoalpostism which is an essential part of their ideologies. In talking about this, it is to send yet another message that freedom(s) can be redefined for the 'modern age'. If we can get enough suckers to swallow this we can get yet more draconian stuff through and force more and more plebs down this corridor of hell we are building. We'll talk about this more shortly.

In the meantime we can be confident though, that as the world has been exposed to what New Labour are all about , less and less people listen to anything they do or say anymore.

Be glad and proud that you treat every suggestion, every idea, every notion and every law they come up with as the trash it is. No one should be fooled by these foul, wretched soiled miscreants. These pathetic, corrupt, rancid shit-stained criminals no longer deserve your ear or your time. So don't give it to them.


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