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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Blair's Police state

Quite a good Telegraph article on Prison Planet, it talks about Blair's emerging (already here) police state, and why it needs nipping in the bud.

There are some parts I take issue with though:

After the carnage in the capital on July 7, those of us who live and work there want the police to have the powers that improve the chances of intercepting potential bombers.

It is a thoroughly mistaken, dangerous concept that has been peddled mercilessly by the goverment though the BBC etc, that the police are some omnipotent cushion for society, they are not. People need to take responsibility for themselves, instead of desiring to be wrapped up in police and security service cotton wool. This is a very scary foreign concept for some no doubt, but one only has to look at the disaster of Katrina and realise if some major catastrophe natural or deliberate on that scale comes to the UK, ultimately you are your own. Tony Blair will be in a bunker somewhere, he is not going to save you.

Let us not forget as well, the police have moved well away from their original noble cause, and are now a politico police, enforcing political laws and ideologies, headed up by someone who has been proved unfit for that responsibility.

Of course there is a balance to be struck between ensuring that the police have effective counter-terrorism powers and the freedom of the citizen to go about his daily business unmolested. There are times when exceptional measures are warranted to override the normal expectation that the police will intervene in our lives only if there is reasonable suspicion of a crime being committed.

I do wonder how much of a balance there is when it comes to 'terrorism' though, and that's assuming the terrorism is not self-created, provoked or engineered by the state, or persons acting on behalf or in collusion with it.

Additionally there is no magic police power or law that can ever absolutely stop a terrorist event happening and it's not only misguided, but it's desperately irresponsible of some in that dying beast called the mainstream media (not so much this article) to bandy about this idea that there could be.

This is a good article worth reading that shows Blair's (and New Labour's) descent into tyranny, how he has used laws to stifle debate, to stop protest, but it still clings onto this wibbly-wobbly appeasement to authority folklore that now needs to be removed from the equation.


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