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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

'Extremists' threaten Financial London

The City of London (who have their own Police*) are planning a big 'anti-terror' exercise.:

City regulators are preparing to test how London's financial community would cope with a major disaster such as an attack by extremists <----(look it's now 'extremists', what happened to 'terrorists' ? -jultra)

Banks including Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse First Boston will be among 50 firms taking part in the virtual exercise, on 28 November.

It comes in the wake of the July bomb attacks on London's transport system.

The exercise is being organised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) (hahaahahhahah -jultra), the Bank of England and the Treasury

Aw, bless.

* The City of London Police have gone on the record on TV after the London bombings saying they know the face of every person in the area and will stop and search anyone they don't recognize. That's right, you work hard protecting money.


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