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Friday, October 14, 2005

New Labour declare slavery and war on UK

£90.00 with passport, £30.00 without, please..look you know...i mean come on...it's like £30.00..you know, you can trust me...I did the war...

Murdering, corrupt treacherous Tony, please take that £30.00 brick in the wall of the prison you are building, that £30.00 dog collar, that £30.00 digital yoke and shove it. Deeply.

Oh and lets see, what have we here ?

NO2ID: Leak shows ID cards mark "a secret revolution"
Thu, 13 Oct 2005

On the eve of what could be a final Commons vote on the Identity Cards Bill, Government strategy documents deliberately leaked to The Guardian shows that it intends to use ID cards as the basis of a transformation of the relationship between individuals and institutions with central government, with personal data farmed out for official use.

Phil Booth, NO2ID's national coordinator, said:

"We told you so. This shows the extent of ambition in the deceptively-named 'Identity Cards' scheme. Whitehall wants to abolish privacy - not only to observe and control every individual's relationship with any public sector organisation, but every personal and commercial relationship too. With no public awareness or backing, and with no safeguards it is a recipe for totalitarian levels of control - cyber-Stalinism."

The proposals say, "The opportunity from information sharing will be
clarified and rolled out, balancing the potential value to the customer or
taxpayer with privacy concerns." Campaigners say this is code for abolition of personal privacy as we know it. NO2ID (2) is calling for consultation to start again from the beginning, with all civil society and business groups given a fair hearing.

Matthew Taylor MP, Parliamentary spokesman for NO2ID, said:

"This potential invasion into personal and commercial privacy has just not
been discussed. We've had the public and MPs fed endless spin about
immigration, crime and terrorism, only for a much bigger agenda to emerge at the last minute.

"To admit this vast potential for intruding into private personal
information now shows the whole elaborate consultation and marketing
exercise; the Bill's presentation to Parliament has evaded the real risks
from the ID card system. Who apart from the control freaks in the Cabinet
Office, and the consultants eating through limitless sums of public money,
wants this intrusion into our everyday lives? The Government may try to
claim a mandate from one vague sentence in its manifesto, but nobody voted
for this. It is the most astonishing power-grab since Henry VIII."

First time I saw this was about 10 minutes ago, and this is what everyone has been saying for the last year.

Here's the Guardian's text:

Leak reveals Whitehall plans for data shareout

Thursday October 13, 2005

Councils, Whitehall departments and firms running public services will routinely share personal data about citizens by 2010, acccording to leaked documents seen by the Guardian.

The plans, drawn up by the Cabinet Office, could cause anger among privacy campaigners. The documents suggest that identity cards, expected to be issued from 2008, will play a big role in data sharing.

The IT strategy to be published soon also contains new measures to reduce the number of technology failures in government, which spends £14bn each year on IT.

Let me spell it out for you:

Your government is at war with you. Your government is your enemy and wants to enslave you and monitor you from cradle to grave. It wants to hurt you. That is their agenda. That is what they believe in. Their religon is: your life is their life. That is what they want to do. That is what they have always wanted to do.

However, it is now clearer than ever before that we are dealing with something well beyond New Labour.


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