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Monday, February 27, 2006

Government lied for Brown's ID-slave Britain

Gordon Brown ID cards

The fetishisation of Gordon Brown knows no bounds, and doting Labour MPs just could not resist indulging in their perverse Brownophilia by supporting him over the ID cards vote to assist in his long-arranged smooth transition. But today the Telegraph reiterates what we have already long known:

the government's pro-slavery statistics were a lie.

In a strangely titled piece, the Telegraph's own poll shows only 52% actually in favour of the cards (presumbably that 52% are not fully aware of the industrialised slave system behind the piece of worthless plastique crap they are told to fixate on), yet, conversely a huge majority know full well they are only to be a bad thing with your slave identity to be trafficked indiscriminately within the Anglo-American establishment and to be tendered out to the EU who will be your new slave masters, meanwhile your identity will be lost, stolen and the slave database riddled with inaccurate information.

"The one thing that is already clear is that the repeated claims of ministers that some 80 per cent of Britons are in favour of identity cards is already false."

Surely Gordon Brown is not looking forward to the day middle class England is dragged into a government cubicle to be biometrically branded like cattle just for existing with 14 different intimate and personal biometrics indelibly stored on their file.

Surely he isn't looking forward to the day when you have to have your iris scanned and your ID card read against the government database when you visit the doctor, or are forced to sign on at the Job Center.

Surely middle class England are not going to be happy to learn that their slave identity will form a hub for a kind of private human internet for the government where, in prospect, the tax office can see your medical records and your GP can see your tax returns, and where your bank manager with 'graded access' to the database will be able to see a little of both.

Surely middle class England won't feel safe in the knowledge that the slave database will be being ever automatically mined to look for possible dissidents and 'extremists' much like the appalling and rejected Total Information Awareness system in the US.

Surely middle class England is not going to feel either happy or 'safe' when they have to hold their RFID'ed card up against a reader wired into the government slave database to get a job or open a bank account, or send off for a credit report, a record of which will be permanently stored on their slave file, along with all their government-funded activities.

Surely middle class England is not going to enjoy another layer of dehumanizing bullshit whereby, the police won't even need to ask for your identity card, they will just swipe you down with their RFID reader wand, or remotely grab the identities of everyone at your party with better technology.

Surely middle class England is not going to be happy, when after the next terror attack as has been considered, the Underground and Railways will be wired with ID readers, or Oyster readers will become dual-purpose and you will need to have both read to travel.

The Telegraph concludes, "The gap between generalised preferences and their specific judgments suggests that when the introduction of cards becomes imminent, instead of a distant prospect, the backlash against them - and against the government that introduces them - could be very fierce indeed."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a thought: worst case scenario and ID cards are introduced, despite masive national protest. How will citizens such as government minsters/civil servants/corporate directors/miltary/police/security react when they realise that they're also part of it, open to scrutiny by everyone else? It could be fun. Howsabout a pink and frilly opensource d d/b for all to marvel over this set of dodgy backgrounds who we pay to control ourselves?

10:55 AM  
Blogger Richard said...

Having a local council by-election this week, got me to thinking.

Once these cards are made mandatory, I wonder how long it will be before they're needed to prove voting rights eligibility? And I wonder what other related hidden gems they have up their sleeve - elections and individual votes-wise.

Or heve I become too much of a tin-foil type?

6:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We already have to prove voting eligibility via the voting cards you're sent with your home address.
The disturbing thing apart from the waste of money having them in the first place, and yes, potential election rigging, is that they'll potentially enforce through legitimicacy anything sinister a government or related agency would like to do to a person.OS

11:05 PM  
Blogger Richard said...


The scenario I had in mind was that eventually the idea card would have to be 'inserted' into electronic voting machines. Whether or not the vote counts are as meaningless as they are in the US - who one cast a vote for, would be recorded. Meaning, so called dissidents would have literally 'had their cards marked'.

BTW, one does NOT need one of those voting cards. I usually forget to take mine with me. They simply ask for your name & adress then check it on the register.

If someone has already fraudulently 'used' your vote - tough! Yep. Really. That's how stupid the current set up is.

10:57 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Hi Richard, that's exactly what they intend to do, slot your ID card into a voting machine, there was an article on the Register about this a month or 2 back.

They are desperate to get rid of paper ballots and bring the US CIA voting machines here to rig elections.

Anon... I don't know want these people think, not a lot to tell you the truth I guess. The police sadly are pretty stupid; their lives are centered around their shifts, overtime and pension, they have become the useful idiots of the government. Sadly I imagine a large part of the Masonic civil service particularly at the home office is very much part of the agenda.

Things have gone very very bad, very rotten and gradually the UK is being enslaved as the US is. This is no accident, there are people making these choices because they want to see that happen.

1:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's frustrating is the suspicion that MPs are themselves powerless on this: tell me I'm wrong.
I'm sure most of them have brains, & can do their sums, so why all this milarky? They know how people feel about it, they know people don't want them, but they're going ahead anyway: which is either sheer complacency or powerlessness on their part. The Whole thing's an wasteof money and an undemocartic, patronising load of driveL.

12:14 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Absolutely, many of these MPs are so morally corrupt, so out of touch, so only interested in their own little worthless bubble life they quite happy to suspend reality. The other thing is this political ficition called the 'war on terror'. I suspect some MPs don't want to push too hard lest they look 'soft on terror/security' and then Murdoch will be all over them. Of course, the link between ID cards and terrorism is non existant but that's what makes the WOT the most dangerous political device ever, as it creates an atmosphere, albeit a fraudulent one that I suspect some find difficult to challenge.

In the end if they won't listen, they will find out the hard way.

7:14 PM  

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