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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Charles Clarke: Hog-wild UK regime liar

Charles Clarke liarCharles Clarke, the porcine liar and doublespeaking attack-swine, paid off to impliment the scorched-Earth, Orwellian society-rewriting policies of that other infamous fabricator Blair, again displays his true bacon-flavoured colours, this time in assaulting the father of 7/7 victim who dared to actually ask the tinpot regime for an official inquiry into the events of last July that injured his daughter.

Clarke's distressed and desperate response of “You’re insulting me. Go away. I don’t need to be insulted by you” is of course highly reflective of his disposition and why he's in the job to begin with.

Underneath those bristly flapping jowls that deliver so many appalling lies is a prissy sissy little ego loyal to his sociopathic regime master.

Of course he had to apologise for snorting this out, and indeed one has to speculate very sincerely, at quite why the regime is so sensitive, petrified and desperate to avoid a full public inquiry into the 'worst act of terrorism on British soil', but are more than happy to grandstand off it's results and use their version as a rationale for delivering their Earth-shattering philosophy of tyranny and enslavement.

And on that subject, the Home Secretary is also in difficulty again as he keeps exposing himself as a liar for the regime's most revered religious myth, the ID slave grid, and The Observer in an excellent damning article which explains just how current society is about to wiped away and replaced with something else, says:

"George Orwell would have been pleased to have invented that particular gem. Yet this is not fiction, but the reality of 2006, and we should understand that if the Home Secretary is prepared to mislead on the fundamental issue as to whether something is voluntary or compulsory, we cannot possibly trust his word on the larger issues of personal freedom and the eventual use of the ID card database.

Clarke has now established himself as a deceiver, even in the eyes of his party. "

The problem for Clarke, like all in his regime menagerie who are desperate to cling onto their dwindling power and deliver more and more choking tyranny before enough of the country is aware of what they are doing, is that it just doesn't work anymore.

Time and time and time again, Clarke has been exposed as a repeat-offending and dangerous liar, loyal with, and in agreement to, his master's radical vision for the destruction and rewriting of society. He will dutifully fabricate, warp, distort and deceive to resell Blair's guilt-ridden psychotic and dystopian vision, which we now know is so shameful and destructive in it's scope it simply cannot be described in it's real terms and has to be systematically lied about.

The Observer also reiterates the choking tyranny of the omniscient and ever-growing society-rewriting, centralized human slave grid and a plastique piece of crap that will you be forced to use everywhere, backed up by Clarke's underling Andy Burnham who now wants the cards to have chip and pin.

Meanwhile The Guardian absolutely rightly restates that the Lords must stand firm against this.


Blogger Gert said...

Actually, I never realised he did apologise for those remarks. Ah, well that makes it alright then.

Re. ID cards, the "No to ID cards message" is slowly seeping into the MSM. More articles critical of the database are starting to appear.

These guys are possibly the only hope we have of turning the tide...

I will link to this today...

4:40 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Yeah it's a good article that Observer one, I think the wider media are waking up, although I don't think one serious newspaper has actually ever written in favour of ID cards, their columnists have all been strongly against.

I was also encouraged to see the Pet Shop Boys (remember them?) come out against ID cards.

I think at the end of the day people have to take a stand and kill this scheme and be prepared to do that, and I think that is actually inevitable. The tinpot regime isn't thinking ahead, it's just wallowing in it's own radical fantasies and it will pay for it.

5:56 PM  
Blogger Richard said...

This regime had BETTER pay for it - and many other things - otherwise it really is the end of the road we're approaching, since 'they' [and any that follow on behind them] know 'we' will let them get away with anything at all.

8:50 PM  

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