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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Repressive UK regime plows on with ID slave grid despite second rejection by Lords

The BBC summarizes:

"The clash came after the Lords threw out for the second time the part of the proposal that would force anyone applying for, or renewing a passport to get an ID card and sign up to the planned national identity database.

The Lords' move was overturned by MPs again on Monday night, albeit it with a halved government majority"

"Opponents argue that, by forcing passport applicants to get a card, the government is introducing compulsory ID cards by stealth and that is breaking the Labour manifesto commitment to make the scheme voluntary.

Home Secretary Charles Clarke has rejected the argument, insisting during a heated Commons clash, that nobody is forced to have a passport, so the scheme remains voluntary. It was a claim, however, that was greeted with laughter and jeers from opponents, with Tory Edward Garnier claiming it amounted to "intellectual dishonesty on a grand scale".

Liberal Democrat spokesman Nick Clegg said the flawed ID card plan was bad enough, "but imposing it on the British people makes it worse". And even some supporters of the proposal are opposing it thanks to the claimed element of compulsion.

The battle has now returned to the Lords where peers will have to decide whether to risk a constitutional clash and defy the government and Commons for a third time. The upshot could indeed be a government pledge to force it into law via the Parliament Act."

This is the scorched-Earth policy which there is no consent for and which the government endlessly lied about from day one to say otherwise; the grand re-writing of society from the top down that the regime hopes no one will notice and will just magically accept as a part of the natural progression within the overall atmosphere of fascism and manufactured fear the regime has painstakingly nurtured with a view to justifying freedom-erasing policy after policy.

The ID slave grid, the database alone likened to a Nazi one by the Lords, is the most revered fundemantalist religious ideology of New Labour, as it provides the bottomless cauldron of anything and everything and is the perfect boundless platform to forever take ownership of the lives and very existence of UK people and re-mould society itself, a point they even foolishly bragged about last year.

New Labour's plan is that the entire population, as they go about their business will just keep their heads down, mindful to modify their behaviour in accordance with the quarter of a billion pounds worth of government CCTV cameras that are watching and recording them, and they (the slaves(you)) really won't mind the day the facial biometrics from their passports will be pooled into these monitoring systems. Meanwhile their DNA is stored on a database and mined for the elusive dissent gene, their internet surfing logged for 2 years and their tagged kids paraded on ASBO TV.

Of course, as they are under threat of house arrest, internment, being put into a government camp on the orders of the regime or even killed by it's political taskforce (the police) they won't want to step out of line anyway and will helpfully put up with the noble lie of the War on Terror, it's effects and interpretation magically ever-seeping into every area of policy making permitting more and more dehumanizing tyranny in the name of modernity. And as the the next layer of humilating suppression and exploitation; the open-ended ID slave grid system appears, it won't really exist if they don't think about it.

And that's exactly the time-tested psychology of ever-increasing oppression that New Labour is hoping to deliver their masterpiece of industrialized slavery by. As Joe Public is faced with more and more layers of choking tyranny he will block it out or go into denial and pretend it isn't happening, or start rationalizing the new circumstances he is in and tell himself because it is happening it must be right and indicative of some kind political 'truth' he doesn't fully understand. Others, like a child bullied or sexually abused, will start to go into a state where they feel they 'deserve' what is happening to them.

Furthermore, there are those that will point to the dehumanizing instruments that already exist as evidence that the next strata of demeaning subjugation is just a progression from that, a point which also permits the regime successive and incrimental notches up in intensity which shows just why it is so monumentally dangerous to deliberately tamper with people's lives like this in the first place. The regime, naturally, describes these denials, confusions and fear-filled "I'll just keep my head down" reactions to it's choices as 'consent'.

And perilously, the more you announce, propose, create and deploy new tools of oppression, the more they themselves, become a kind of fraudulent 'evidence' for their own necessity and for the circumstances that 'demands' them; they are there so they must be 'right'. Right ? Wrong.

The ID slave grid as intended isn't the conclusion, it's just another beginning strand of a deliberate, reckless and self-perpetuating pandemonium and a regressive, repressive bottomless pit of dehumanization and subjugation. The regime is choosing this gigantic rewriting of society and then manufacturing the basis to sell it on, much like a pedophile or mass murderer may try to justify and repaint what he has done. No one is making them do this. It is a choice and that is absolutely sickening.

The Lords should and must continue to fight this tooth and nail; let it ping-pong forever and force the regime into using their Parliament Act. At the end of the day, nobody can live like this, and if the government are so sick, so perverse, so warped by their own sociopathic and genocidal fanaticism then ultimately, there is a clear duty on everybody to strongly reflect on their inalienable option of dragging them out of office and putting an end to this sickening stream of misery and horror once and for all. Every single person voting in favour of the ID slave grid has declared themselves a wretched and dangerous enemy.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There needs to be more transparency re lobbying, full stop.
There's no point in getting this regime out and getting another one in, unless the public can trust it's liberty won't be eroded.
Why is there not a referendum on it?
Can the Lords push for one?
It sounds almost like a done deal, given Charles Clarke's apparent determination to get what he wants.

5:02 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Well Clarke is just an enforcer, a hired thug for the regime, he doens't have any views of his own to speak of and just does what he is told. If Blair says jump, Clarke just says 'how high'.

Blair just surrounds himself with peripheral goons, apologists and devotees of his Maoist personality cult like Tessa Jowell.

I think people are really trying to save a lot of problems by making sure it dies one way or the other. If this gets deployed then that's when the real war starts against this.

10:48 PM  

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