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Sunday, March 12, 2006

UK regime police leak their latest de Menezes allegation to media

Puppet policeSomething I haven't covered for a while is the de Menezes killing and it's aftermarth, recently we have seen within hours how senior officers knew that he wasn't a suicide bomber, then there was the ritual polishing of the de Menezes trophy by continuing to rubberstamp their political shoot-to-kill policy and of course the police got caught faking their own logbook.

Now, apparently we have the regime's police latest attempt to exonerate themselves on de Menezes, as, blowing his brains out, letting the world think he was a suicide bomber, then deliberately spinning to the press against him, then building the celebrity of the political Met commissioner off the back of the shooting just weren't enough, so what better than to now turn him into a sex offender to justify the killing, and today, more than 3 years after an alleged 'rape' some girl now comes forward and points the finger at de Menezes.

"Sources close to his family have reacted with fury to the allegations. They accuse the Metropolitan police of deliberately leaking the details of the rape inquiry in an attempt to deflect attention from the investigation into the shooting of Mr de Menezes, who was mistaken for a terrorist by armed officers [...] A source told The Independent on Sunday: "This is a deliberate attempt to deflect the blame. First [the police] tried to say he was a terrorist and now this... he is no longer here to defend himself"

Well indeed, first it was terrorist, then possible suspicious character running when challenged wearing a bulky jacket vaulting down the escalators to escape the police, then illegal worker and now a rapist.

The police and Home Office are clearly still obsessed by trying to reinvent and revise de Menezes' death into an acceptable event that can be rationalized to acquit themselves of the killing and their own cover up(s). From the regime's (the police's political masters) point of view, they desperately want to bury the issue so they can arm the police across the board, as part of the police state deterent against citizens.

You will remember at the time that as if 'running from police' when stopped, 'wearing a bulky coat in summer with wires poking out of it' weren't enough (all total garbage of course), the Home Office deliberately told the press that de Menezes work visa had expired as an attempt to deflect sympathy away from him.

Meanwhile, the Met or at least the probably fairly small Baathist-type loyalist axis (presumbably not the same axis who leaked that 140 senior officers want Ian Blair out) within it that revere the War on Terror and Tony and perhaps Ian Blair kept reporters updated with a stream of spin about de Menezes. Today they are still quite happy to keep dishing up the dirt at opportune times to save their own worthless skins and the plans of their political controllers.

"Officers have contacted lawyers acting for the dead man's family to ask for permission to examine DNA samples taken after his death. These are understood to be held by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) which has been investigating the shooting and has also been contacted by the Metropolitan Police.

The inquiry is in response to a call, more than six months after the Brazilian's death, from a rape victim who named Mr de Menezes as her attacker."

So three years after the alleged rape and nine months since Jean Charles de Menezes' picture became famous, when Sir Ian 'Order out of Chaos/Padded Cell' Blair is being investigated suddenly the police leak the rape story.

Interestingly, the Independent's story seems slightly inconsistent with the Sunday Mirror which says:

"The alledged victim contacted police in London three weeks ago after she saw a picture of Mr. De Menezes on the TV news.

The woman, who is in her early 20s, reported the claim to a West End police station. She said she had been stunned when she saw a picture of Mr de Menezes becausehe bore such a resemblance to her rapist. But there is no explanation as to why she did not come forward last summer when his picture was published."

Additionally it's an advantageous allegation, as rape was a speciality of Ian Blair who wrote new rules for the police in dealing with it.

It's sad that the police are no longer concerned with their crime fighting duties, but are now a catch-all political taskforce acting on behalf of the new empire-driven executive, committed to reshaping society and the world. The police's job is now about building the apparatus of mass surveillence and slavery, about re-educating the public politically and of course shooting the odd expendable immigrant who looks a bit dodgy to make a prominent example of the might of the regime's power.

Sadly it would seem, under New Labour, the police have been redesigned as biddable, third world banana republic puppets to support the dictatorship on internment, ID slave grids, politcal correctness and are content in their new role to act as a media spin machine to cover up and repaint their own institutional putrification as well to aid the regime's religious machinations of the Total Spectrum Dominance of society.

So by all means, they should carry on as they began, using the media to endlessly assault Jean Charles de Menezes who they executed, lied about in official reports, spun against to the press and now want to publically frame for an unprovable crime. Clearly, it's the only way to ensure that pension and future career prospects. The problem is, everyone else can see exactly what is going on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Tories should turn this to their advantage eg.
tough on rogue top cops, tough on the causes of rogue top cops - might be an arresting strapline or dull but easier:
Crime: winning not spinning

5:19 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

I believe David Davis has said something about this today, in quite explicit, although cleverly guarded terms.

The Tories should be laying into a whole load of other stuff as well instead of cautiously sitting there hoping some of the 'tough on terror' fraud will rub off on them. They should have pulled this hideous beast Tessa Jowell to pieces already.

7:03 PM  

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