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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Fanatical UK regime collectivist totalitarians lie for their human slave grid again

Daily Mail: "Today in the Commons Home Secretary Charles Clarke urged opponents of the plans to "stop trying to frustrate the will of the people"

Porcine regime habitual liar and National Socialist Charles Clarke of course knowns full well that the will of the people doesn't want to have their lives ruined by a political Total Information Awareness biometric human slave grid.

Total Garbage in, garbage out.

"He said different polls showed between 52% and 80% of people backed plans for ID cards."

The 80% poll was exposed as another government fiction and the BBC poll showed 80% against, and just recently the Telegraph exposed the gigantic and unreconcilable chasm betwen the regime's lies and reality.

You see it's actually quite a serious situation. If you will go that far to lie and manipulate, deceive and falsify for your ideological, religious fanaticism society-rewriting desire of Total Spectrum Dominance, humiliating and degrading biometric data-thralldom with intent to drop the entire population into your grand-vision of an unending ever-growing centralized slave grid that nobody who understands it wants then we have a real problem.

To dress it up in knowingly false statistics, false debates and to keep plucking different bogus rationales out of the hat to throw at it, all calculated to misrepresent and mislead in favour of your theological extremist philosophy of industrialized-collectivist enslavement and dehumanization then we have a massive issue on our hands and one the UK simply can't ignore.

"As home office minister Andy Burnham (snivelling regime career hound) shouted that foreign travel was voluntary, Mr Davis argued for diplomats, soldiers, anyone with foreign businesses or those visiting relatives in need abroad, travelling oversees was not a matter of choice.

"The idea is clearly ridiculous. Under this Bill ID cards are clearly not voluntary they are clearly compulsory."

And he condemned "the disgraceful idea that British citizens, of all citizens, can only leave their own country if they agree to let their own government intrude on their privacy on a scale unprecedented in this country".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was so well said, rather, shouted :) OS

5:25 PM  
Blogger Gert said...

Good post indeed.

Perhaps one point: if only NeoLabor still had some "collectivist" strain left, rather than quickly degenerating into the Party of Big Business (New Labour plc).

Labour is trying to replace the "Old Money Establishment" with a "New Money Elite", including fake peerages for sponsorships, stealth private schools etc..

Looking at the Harold Wilson docudrama last night I got nostalgic, to be honest. Back then left meant left and right meant right, with clear battlelines. Interesting times compared to this dumb and bland Technocracy...

4:42 PM  
Blogger Gert said...

Do have a look at LibertyCentral, a new site.

8:32 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Thanks Gert, I agree they are the bitches of big business, and this is the huge danger of New Labour kind of presenting a strain of 'social issues' and care and being against poverty etc and really using that premise as means of inflicting visionary tyranny and seducing people into their own prison under the guise of them somehow being 'modern' and 'progressive' etc.

And the loans and donors scandal is really what New Labour are all about, reflective of their total utter corruption and lust to maintain power.

But then you have to ask what are the motivations of those funding Labour ? Why do they want gigantic goverment, a crushing and humiliating police state and a pretext for endless war and bloodshed ? I see Blair as very much following in the footsteps of Stalin and Hitler actually.

Thanks for the link Gert, good looking site. I suppose one concern is, people should be very careful about asking for a written constitution because that's exactly what Gordon 'smooth transition' Brown has promised and he's even said what will be in it. It will be full of 'social responsibility' about dropping litter and 'tolerance' and having your thumbprint read to leave your house and how 'in a modern society having your life recorded by networks of facial recognition CCTV systems is right and proper etc'. Basically he will ratify Blair's police state in the UK forever under the fraudulent inference of upholding your rights.

4:25 PM  
Blogger Gert said...

Truth is that all the reforms I'm in favour of (elected second chamber, proportional representation and written constitution) carry with them certain dangers but at the end of the day these reforms are necessary to avoid another protracted Thatcherite or Blairite period.

Britain was once the role model of most emerging democracies but the institutions have remained dangerously unchanged since their inception. And I'm not talking about the pomp and pomposity, that's just colourful folklore. The real danger is a system that's extremely vulnerable to cronyism, as we see it today...

DO become a virtual peer! Marquis Jultra, that kind of has a ring to it...

4:56 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Gert, I remember on Blairwatch a week or 2 back they were talking about these ..I'm not sure what you would call them...reccommendations, or ideas about reforming the system and noting how people have been pushed away from the political process. I believe it was a report from Baroness someone or other,...and they all sounded quite good on the surface... but then there were things about 'laws by petition' and most horrifically of all state funding of parties (which is now is becoming topical in light of recent events) so you directly pay for their worthless propaganda.

I personally strongly strongly strongly believe we have to be very cynical of what things that appear to be 'solutions' come out from the current regime or establishment and it's appendages.

'the system fails it's all corrupt and bent with cronies and cash and lies etc' we all agree, but who's offering to step in and provide the answers to the debauchery it has knowingly created? Well essentially the same government or Prime Minister in waiting Gordon Brown will come and save us with new laws.

Personally I find this is obscene and a recipe for absolute disaster.

I do agree with a lot of these things with you Gert; things like PR sound a good idea, I think a constitution is an appealing idea but I'm also very wary about it in the currently climate and drawn up by someone who is already positioning himself to cash in on the fear of terrorism and security along with flying flags in your back garden.

I passionately believe the answers have to come from us, not from these wretched soiled people. For me the problem is not so much the system (although I do think PR is a good idea) but the quality of people in the system, and if we can't actually get people in there who stand for something, and believe in something and who are not corrupt globalist tyrants giddy with power and desperate to treat the country as their personal tinpot pissing ground then I sort of feel we have failed to address the real problem. I do agree with a lot of what you say Gert...

Very cool site, yeah I could do with a peerage!

10:16 PM  

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