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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Fanatical Regime leader Blair uses war lecture as distraction on loans and other scandals

The appalling and burgeoning loans for peerages scandal has been an illuminating reminder to draw back the curtain every once in a while and reflect on who exactly is pulling the strings on New Labour, helping to hold them in government and inflicting this unbearable misery on the UK.

With the coterie of investors revealed, including IT bosses who already take nearly one third of their income via the public sector as unaccountable parastatal inflictors of misery, and, who would benefit from the likes of the human ID slave grid and who are then forced to dismiss themselves, we can visualise more clearly than ever who has been funding the demolition of the United Kingdom.

If anyone thinks the New Labour project isn't a top-down funded imposition, the Independent quoting the SNP's Angus McNeil notes that "With 80p in every £1 received by Labour from individual donors coming from people who have received an honour and every Labour donor of over £1m in receipt of a peerage or a knighthood".

Lord Michael Levy, described as a later-day Kissinger1 by establishment-whistleblower Christopher Meyer, has of course long been identified as New Labour's star money-raiser and was the first beneficiary of Blair's generosity himself. Now Levy is being investigated for selling peerages in exchange for secret loans.

Along with all their declared donations, £14 million in clandestine finance poured into the New Labour project is a clear and unambiguous financial endorsement of perpetual war, gigantic government, unbounded corporatism, and a devastating programme of dehumanization under the radical amoral fervour of Tony Blair.

And we can thank Lord Levy for putting the UK on the fast-track to a third world police state, who's even confessed it is not Labour he is working for, but Blair, and is only fundraising as long as Blair is the premier. This is a staggering point to admit to, because it means that Blair, as the society-rewriting, Orwellian maniac figurehead is exactly and specifically what these financiers are investing in.

Yet, in the latest staged-managed Anglo-American distraction to try to take the spotlight off of the Levy/cash/loans for peerages scandal and the outright boiling hatred toward this government, Blair has decided to pour gasoline on the fire and relaunch his retrospective justifications for assisting in the wanton pillaging, torturing and balkanization of Iraq.

In his speech to the Foreign Policy Centre (which was a Blair-launched 'world order' thinktank and unsurprisingly with Michael Levy 2 on it's council )...Mr Blair claimed the “true division” in foreign policy is between those who want a “closed” policy of “benign neglect”, and those who believe in an “open” policy that tackles Terrorism, injustice, poverty and environmental degradation “with equal vigour” RINF

Blair's speech-writers have gone to great lengths to re-animate Blair's 1999 outlook of 'caring interventionalism' (which could also amount to creating pretexts for forced globalisation and global centralization), to re-manufacture this mindblowing lie over his role in creating the bloodbath in Iraq, his underlying message being, 'No no it's not a disaster, it's evidence for our principled zeal on a far wider pool of noble international 'concerns'.

In the waffling speech, Blair has the audacity to talk about 'safeguarding our way of life' which has already been viciously and deliberately liquidated by the Levy-financed Blair under a quarter of a billion pounds worth of CCTV cameras, the suspension of trial by jury, internment, a growing Brave New World DNA database, ASBO TV, logging all car journeys, pre-emptive life sentences, a proposed ID slave grid and myriad of other measures to make sure people know their place in Blair and Levy's modern forward-looking society. Blair also talks about 'shared values', which for Blair presumbably includes secret loans for peerages to bankroll his tyranny and fill up the Lords with grateful corrupt cronies, a colossal vat of lies to sell the Iraq war on, unbounded corporatism and his most-revered domestic humiliating police state.

Blair begins by talking about globalisation, but unfortunately it doesn't matter what sweet nothings Levy and his collection of Blair backers whisper in the ear of their soiled puppet, unchecked and unbounded and even within the EU, forced globalisation, is destroying the world, not enriching it. More significantly, globalisation, the kind of globalisation we are talking about, where foreign companies run your water supply and defence research, itself, is not an event worthy of celebration, it is a a symptom of unchecked economic choices with zero-regard for consequence and without any consent, mandate or care whatsoever.

Throughout the speech, Blair sanctimounsly masturbates under the blanket of caring pre-emptive modernism, so that he can gleefully lie, even to convince himself that he will hopefullly be percieved somewhere in history as a kind of righteous far-sighted illuminary.

The reality is of course, even the history books of the Neocons will only see him as a peripheral useful idiot, all too ready to betray his own country's troops to try and snatch a place in geopolitical glory.

Blair mentions various 'bad' regimes from his list, all potential targets of his 'open' foreign policy, yet states such as Uzbekistan, favored by the UK as a prized torture resort, or Pakistan with it's puppet nuclear armed dictator, who's officials were happy to sell it's atomic secrets and who it is often reported provided training for the 7/7 bombers, or Saudi Arabia where many of the alleged 9/11 hijackers were born, and home to many Bush family cronies are too useful just as they are to make it onto this 'progressive open' policy list.

People are judged by what they do, not what they say they are doing, and it wasn't a backdrop of modern caring interventionalism that laid down the atmosphere for war, it was WMDs, yellowcake, 45 minutes and an old student dissertation plucked off the internet then literally sexed up some more by Blair's spin doctor Alistair Campbell and passed off as the latest cutting-edge MI6 intelligence. Later the Downing Street Memo confirmed that 'well it's illegal so let's look for ways to make it legal', and as we peel back the layers of Blair's monstrous noble lie, we remind ourselves of the waves of scandalous propaganda needed to enable Blair's vision.

The truth is of course, Blair saw a magical political opportunity with 9/11 to present himself as a radical proactive ideologue ready to rewrite the world. He could also rewrite society back home into his own image of a despotic police state along the way.

He chose to throw himself onto the back of the Neocon PNAC project and the disastrous AIPAC-cheerleaded decision (3) to invade Iraq as an opportunity to be seen as a high-minded and radical reshaper of worlds, a mission now revised into the collective blob of fighting 'injustice', 'global poverty', 'environmental issues' and terrorism.

He thought that by jumping on the bandwagon of the renewed-destruction of a country that had already been battered to pieces, and then repainting it with his ego-driven fantasy about why it was happening he would be perceived as some kind of international hero.

Blair talks about supporting 'Iraq's struggle for democracy'; a horrific bloody struggle that has killed and maimed thousands and has been gratuitously foisted on it's already sanction- and Gulf-war 1-devastated population by well-meaning sociopaths such as Blair and delivered via a shocking hodgepodge of lies to mislead the country into this monumental folly.

Outrageously, Blair's speech designed to repaint his catastrophic horror of Iraq, is also about re-manufacturing the licence for perpetual war, unchecked globalisation and setting a context domestically for the endless rewriting of society. These are not 'shared values' or 'common goals', they are the visonary radical fanaticism of Blair, hopelessly glued on top of the economic cesspit of globlisation, the lunatic empirical Neocon machinations and Blair's obsession with elite global quangos, all vigorously endorsed by Levy and his secret creditors and donors who have actively sought to cultivate this abomination.


Blogger Phu said...

say what you mean why don't you?

this is the best post I've read on any blog in a long, long time.

thanks for the read.

3:29 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Hey thank you very much Phu, and I don't know what these people think they are actually doing....they are just nuts.

7:25 PM  
Blogger Gert said...

Attorney David B. Rivkin Jr, an American supporter of Bush's war on terror, very recently on Newsnight said the estimated deathtoll of Iraqis is 35,000 to 38,000. From the horse's mouth...

3:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jultra: just a quickie:
How did Sir Ian Blair get his knighthood?

10:00 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...


That's horrendous and I wonder if that's their political conservative estimate as well. The thing with the numbers I don't think anyone really knows for sure but I would guess to be higher than whatever numbers they throw around.


I really don't know but from the Met's website:

"In 1999, he was awarded the Queen's Police Medal for Distinguished Service and he was awarded a knighthood in the Queen's Birthday Honours, 2003, for his services to policing."

I think he's just always been a high profile character, but isn't it Tony Blair who picks the honours ? I guess an easy gift to use him with and ensure his support.

4:24 AM  

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