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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Lords (4th) rejection of ID slave grid increases

Id slave gridAgainst the backdrop of New Labour's shocking cash-for-peerages scandal, for the fourth time now, the firm and settled will of the Lords is that the Blair/Brown lunatic fanatics are trying to break their own worthless and unread election manifesto pledge of a voluntary entry into their radical and political human slave grid.

Seeing as only around 1/4 of the populaton actually voted to reinstate the soiled New Labour regime amid banana republic style election episodes, there was never any mandate for such a society-rewriting manifesto entry to begin with and the Lords' verdict, now clearly and powerfully delivered four times is absolutely the right position, and reflective of the enormous and growing anger towards the human ID slave grid, which, one way or another has to be vanquished.

Lords have also come up with some compromise to delay the link between passports, but obviously the real issue remains. Nobody wants to be inserted into this sickening human slave grid at all and a public attidude of zero tolerance to this is essential.

For those that think ID cards are something they are in favour of, the responsibility of any good government would be to help re-educate and enlighten these people, not to exploit their useful idiot state-of-denial and claim that as consent for the regime's appalling objectives for the restructuring of society.

If Labour MPs, hoping for a job in Brown's cabinet, are so stupid to think there is some sort of plodding consent for this they are wrong, desperately desperately wrong, and they are heading in a disastrous direction. They will find out the hard way that it's no good just bobbing along listening to Blair and his pet liars such as the porcine Clarke, the vomit-enducing Blears, the pathetic Burnham and that hideous beast McNulty. These people are in grave error and let's reiterate, every single person voting in favour of the degrading, subjugating Human ID slave grid has, ironically, identified themself as a vile oppressor.

And something else about biometric passports; a photo of facial measurements on a chip is one thing, although it's application could very very easily spill into government CCTV systems, which of course the Home Office under the Clarkeswine has said it wants to use to track everyone's movements in realtime. As for fingerprints or Iris scans.... no one should be taking your fingerprints and reading your Iris so that you can leave this despotic hellhole once called the UK.

People are literally watching as their own prison is being created, society is being rapidly deconstructed and re-written into something else where life is one enormous living prison built for the radical sociopathic society-rewriting ideologies of the New Labour regime.

One way or another
, an end has to be put to all of this.

Update: Spy heroine denounces cards

"Baroness Park, who was made a peer by Margaret Thatcher, passed a withering verdict on the proposed cards, ridiculing ministers' suggestions that the system will make people safer. In fact, she said, the complete opposite is true [...]

Baroness Park concluded: "I find it extraordinarily difficult to believe why anyone would voluntarily and enthusiastically come forward and say: 'Do let me join this dangerous club'."


Blogger Gert said...

In this project, call it HMP Blighted Kingdom, one freedom will of course remain: the freedom to buy stuff at the canteen, assuming you can pay for the goods of course.

But at least we'll be safe from terrorists... Dear Lawd...

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you see this?
"Following a Freedom of Information Act request, the Home Office has admitted that its main poll of public opinion in Scotland used a sample group of just 158 people"

Referendum please.

1:41 PM  

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