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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Christmas, Happy New Year...

Firstly a belated Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year to all, sorry again for the lapses here.

Now, Saddam. I'm just going to quote author and political researcher Webster Tarpley on his radio show, where he described the event as a judicial murder:

"I want to take this opportunity to condemn an act which is illegal, which is barbaric, which is an act of suicidal fury by the US, an impotent lashing out in the midst of a lost war against a figure that they themselves created then chose to demonize. It's also an act of great moral cowardice"

[Tarpley goes on to talk about the genocidal sanctions and the war(s)]

"...Of course it is an insult to Islam, and it's also an insult to Christianity. We are in the midst of the 12 days of Christmas...this is an horrifying act of barbarity. And we have to remember that the Nuremberg precedents are still in force and that international conspiracy to wage aggressive war, is in theory, a hanging offense and we can make a list of the people who are obviously prima facie covered by that and hypothesize that someday or another they will be brought to justice..."

I couldn't agree more, it is an horrific and disgusting act, and what is yet more disgusting is the shocking parading of this on the front cover of every Sunday Newspaper as if some sort of 'justice' has finally, and through great struggle, been dealt out on behalf of the world. It is simply sickening.

Whatever Saddam's evils where, they were nothing compared to what the puppet Bush, Blair, the Neocons, Blair and Brown's disgusting lackeys, and this awful media have managed to achieve.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Lobby your US friends against Federal Hate Bill

Sorry writing has been sporadic over the last month or 2 on this blog. I shouldn't have let myself get that busy where you have no time for anything else when there is so much unspeakable shit going on in the world.

A couple of weeks back, Kurt Nimmo wrote about the quite serious threat of the US Federal Hate Crime Bill, particularly now the Democrats have control. I haven't looked into this myself in great depth, but according to Reverend Ted Pike, who some of you may know from his radio appearences, the main protagonist behind this kind of legislation worldwide is the Anti-Defamation League.

I remember about a year or so ago doing some research on 'hate crime' in the UK (you will probably remember some well known cases over the last year), yet as I recall I just simply couldn't find out a great deal about it then, in fact I remember on one government site the concepts were incredibly hazily described.

While it may be well-intentioned by some, realistically, this kind of legislation has no place in America whatsoever (one would hope it would be unconstitutional on its face), and as such could be enormously damaging to free-speech across the world. And indeed it has no place in any country and the judgement and intentions of those promoting and voting for this type of thing should be in serious queston. Therefore addtionally, there is a very strong case for getting this kind of legislation revoked from every country that has been hurt by it, which of course includes our own.

So inform your American friends, tell them to call their representative, Ted Pike has a list of contacts on his site and while you are at it of course, think about how to challenge these laws in the UK.