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Friday, September 30, 2005

New Labour reveals itself at conference

Blair attacks old man

Via Prison Planet, The Independent article describes the hideous reality of New Labour in all of it's sickness:

The Labour Party was forced to make a humiliating apology to an 82-year-old party member last night after he was thrown out of the conference for heckling Jack Straw.

Walter Wolfgang, a party member for 57 years, was bundled out of the conference hall by stewards after shouting "nonsense" as Mr Straw, the Foreign Secretary, defended Britain's role in Iraq. He was later stopped under anti-terrorist powers as he tried to re-enter the hall.

The heavy-handed treatment of Mr Wolfgang revived criticism of the " control freakery" associated with New Labour and even drew comparisons with the way the Communist leaders in Russia and China stifled dissent.

Mr Wolfgang fled Nazi Germany as a teenager for the freedom of Britain. He said: "I shouted out 'nonsense'. That's all I said. Then these two toughies came round and wanted to manhandle me out. 'I said: 'Do you want me to leave? I will leave, you don't need to manhandle me.'

"Physically, I am not too well, so I said I would follow them."

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

de Menezes' family: Ian Blair must go


Private England

So Private Lynndie England gets just three years

One thing with Lynndie England is her trailer-park trashness which she positively reeks of, and which I'm sorry to say rather a large chunk of the less-skilled, disposable cannon-fodder areas of the US military reek of. No doubt that is the easiest group to manipulate and get to take the rap for you.

England deserved (bigger) punishment for her war crimes, but the buck should never have stopped there, as the article on Prison Planet describes.

England, and others like her and have brought waves of shame and disgrace on the now established sickening lie of a war. She has painted an already hopelessly stained Bush, Cheney and their globalist economic masters with yet more depravity. But of course she was just a pathetic porn in the Neocon scheme. And I have to say I tend to take the view that the release of her disgusting photos (and therefore the entire abuse policy) was deliberately engineered:

1) to cause more hatred in the Middle East and amongst the Muslim world, to prolong the War on Terror

2) to condition the West that Neocon (and Blairite) torture is gooooooood and acceptable and sometimes neccessary to fight 'terror'

3) to condition everyone into accepting that human life is cheap; torture, humiliation and state-sponsored obscenity are to be accepted as 'normal' in the New World Order

America (not Americans, most if not all recognize the Bush regime for the poisonous nonsense it is) as a public brand has never been more in the gutter, more soiled, more trampled upon, more scandalous than it is today, all because of a handful of rogue elements who have deliberately steered the USA into the toilet for their own disgusting reasons.

Meanwhile a reasonably paid job, some property and a car or two is still enough to rally a desperate handful of foaming Neocon fans to fly their Made in China US Flags towards a rotten-to-the-core puppet President.

As the bad troops are (ordered to keep) murdering, raping and torturing Iraqis as well as creating obscene pornography with their corpses, the official line is to write it off as isolated, 'high spirits", and not symptomatic of a higher chain of command.

And while coalition forces are sent to their own deaths on a pack of lies they might stop to consider what they are actually fighting for (Halliburton, other multinationals, the values of the PNAC doctrine ? You tell me)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

New Labour and the grovelling unions

Trade unions: ultimately enslaved, castrated and obedient, subservient in their propping up of New Labour. Sure they wriggle a bit, there's the odd strike here and there and they say the war should stop from time to time, but what's new ?

It's no so much the concept of unions were ever bad, it was good as far as it went, but I guess it all got corrupted, politicized and brought under commercial control some time ago. Perhaps one symptom of this are the union leaders. Shocking communists, like something out of Animal Farm, they think societies like Cuba and China are just dandy while they take big salaries+perks and go for luxury champagne filled holidays, nice little breaks to watch the football or spend '£800'(?) of union funds on a curry(?!) and another £520.00 on binge drinking.

And look only weeks ago:

Amicus could well amalgamate with the T&G and possibly the GMB to form a new super union

Nice, very nice. What a gift for the globalists shadowy forces running the UK, one blob to infect, one voice to globularize and manipulate.

Of course that suits Blair and Brown just perfectly, they just love having a corrupted pathetic sniveling union base to dictate globalism to. It's so ridiculous it's laughable. And when the roots of leftism are always rotten to the core, it makes the raping and pillaging all the easier.

"Many not the few" zzzzzzZZZ

Do you get it unions ? Not yet. Ok, let's spell it out for you.

Thatcher silenced you, and that was pretty nasty, she fought dirty, but Blair has gleefully kept you in your cage, occasionally throwing you a few crumbs. I can't help thinking that part of the reason Thatcher got her way, and why Blair has carried on her tradition is because you knew deep-down you had become bad, silly, shit-filled and deserving of your own demise.

Oh don't get me wrong, I'm not saying kicking swathes of people out of jobs is nice or ok, or the closure of entire industries was right. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the structure of the unions, their ideologies, their culture, their ambitions. I'm sure there are many well intentioned good people who are members of, or support trade unions, but you have to ask, what has it actually acheived politcally in the UK other than continuing to prop up the most insideous murderous goverment that has long since distanced itself from whatever you once stood for.

A couple of weeks back:

The "Big Four" trade union leaders - Dave Prentis, Derek Simpson, Tony Woodley and Paul Kenny - agreed at a private dinner last Wednesday not to issue Brown a blank cheque in the Labour contest to succeed Blair. Brother Brown in turn is refusing to bend the knee to the unions and say what they want him to hear.

But we can already see why you will blindly write out your blank cheque to Gordon "Oh but he's more socialist than Blair" Brown. Why bother even existing anymore ? What exactly is it you are a voice of these days ? You don't hold any swagger or sway with New Labour , they just use you as a beacon of 'oh but we are a little bit of old labour still, can't you see'?

It's the executives and the shareholders New Labour are commited to, it ain't you.

Brilliant piece of corruption, Blair pisses all over you and you lap it up like the craven dogs you are, whimpering and cowering while scraping the grease off that blue collar. Sure you object to it, but where's your real solidarity with the kids your masters have blown to shreds with cluster bombs in Iraq, you simpering useless donkeys ?

Where is your formal objection to ID cards that your paymasters are hinting you will need, to be able to work for them at all ?

Where is your action on your employer spying on you via CCTV and reading your email, other than dishing out insipid leaflets on the subject ?

Where is your condemnnation over your supreme leader giving a permanent blow job to the most corrupt psychopath ever to be President of the USA ?

Too stupid to realise that left-right politics are officially closed, concluded and buried; the paradigm shifing to freedom-slavery. So while you are still bumbling around with your shop-stewards, blue collars, communism masquerading as workers rights, and pretending to yourself that New Labour == Old Labour, the rest of the world has moved on, including your own corrupt leaders leaving the rabble with false messages and old lies, while they go on holiday.

The multinationals rule the world, the Military-Industrial Complex rules the world, and what have you done about that other than pissing your hard earned funds into fat salaries for drunken despots who support Chairman Mao?

A diagnosis has been made. New Labour are diseased and they need putting out of their misery. But one set of people who could help end this nightmare, would instead rather cling onto their hopeless wet dream: 'things are going to get back to normal when Gordon Brown takes over'

Fine. Be enslaved, it suits you down to the ground, it's where you belong.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Another gem from earlier in the week

MP Hughes (and jultra): jail instead of ID Card

From ePolitix.com

Leading Liberal Democrat MP Simon Hughes has said he is prepared to face jail rather than carry a compulsory identity card.

In an interview with ePolitix.com, the Lib Dem president also said there are no government concessions capable of winning his party's support.

He also suggested that the policy could be dropped if the chancellor succeeds Tony Blair as prime minister.

Good man Simon, and great words. At least some politcians are out there with the right mood on this, personally though it seems you may have been a little too cautious with your words, being made to have an id card at all is I think the real line in the sand, especially when we see big business (oh what a suprise) now threatening to make their workers have an ID Card. Truly sad, but not surprising, considering that government and large corporations are now one blurry blob and must be treated as such. No matter, companies that insist can be exposed to potential employees as something to avoid at all costs.

You can bet jultra will be joining you in prison over this for sure Simon. Sorry Tony, I will never have a UK ID Card. Never. If that means prison for me, good. Not a lot of difference anyway; ID Card (or rather the ID databse is little more than a virtual prison, it is technological slavery masquerading as 'security'. Total crap. Pure evil and exposes the sick, treacherous and malevolent aspirations of this corrupt government.

If you support ID Cards then you simply haven't educated yourself about them and are currently content to waddle around in your own ignorance about what is happening to this world. I agree it is a lot easier to be that spineless pathetic, cowering amoeba; happy to absord whatever silly shit your corrupt government throws at you, but you can't be like that for much longer.

Again well done Simon, the spirit of your words is about right.

Ian Blair: twisted policing vision

Missed this earlier in the week, or only glanced at it from a different angle but we have:

Ian "I will not resign, I considered resigning" Blair wanting 'Judge Dredd' powers:(Telegraph)

Britain's top police officer was accused last night of paving the way for "Judge Dredd law" by proposing that officers should be allowed to by-pass the courts and confiscate driving licences, seize vehicles and issue anti-social behaviour orders on the spot.

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair said "modernisation" of the force should be carried forward by introducing "an escalator of powers" for the dispensing of instant justice.

Now while jultra is no expert on the history of the police I do know that Robert Peel's vison was that the Police's existence, actions and behavior were dependent on the approval of the public (currently gone with Ian Blair of course), the concept that police themselves are members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen and the seperation of Police and judiciary:

An important factor in Peel's plan was the separation of policing and the judiciary. Peel felt that the police should be responsible for one facet of the law, that being the prosecution phase. The trial, conviction and punishment phase would be placed in the hands of the judiciary. This concept remains virtually unchanged today.

Robert Peel

These concepts were slightly redescribed by Sir Richard Mayne, the first joint Met Commisoner but are essentially the same. However it is Peel's principles which are important. Mayne himself lost the plot badly after a series of gaffs and bad policing and policy decisions (sound familiar?)

Obviously armed military personnel posing as police is a terrible idea, as are more powers that should be handled by courts, so it's not hard to recognize Ian Blair's vision as a twisted warping of what policing is actually about, designed to distort and pollute the role of the Metropolitan Police:

He acknowledged that giving police powers currently exercised only by the courts would be controversial but could be seen as legitimate if they were used by properly trained constables.

"There is something here about making justice more immediately apparent, not only to the offender but also to the society that the offender is irritating,"

Now of course the vision of policing in the UK has often been distorted, perhaps most horrifically and nastily with the indiscriminate collection and storage of DNA samples, a disgusting practice that is used to arbitrarily harass, most recently in the arrest of a guy with a laptop on the tube but what will become tens of thousands of British motorists DNA swabbed for minor traffic offenses.

Oh and who was pushing the extension of the DNA database to 'anyone arrested' in March 2003 when he was still deputy commissioner ?! Who d'ya think!

Truly there are good cops, bad cops, and super bad politically sick cops. All of this nonsense needs to come to an end. There is no middle line here, no compromise and no room for corrupt, depraved police chiefs whipping up yet more sick rubbish.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sir Ian Blair talks of resigning

The Guardian reports:

The Metropolitan police commissioner last night admitted that he "did not do enough" to correct the false rumours that circulated around the media after the death of Jean Charles de Menezes, the innocent Brazilian man shot dead by police at a London tube station in July

Enough ? You didn't do anything. You deliberately and consciously released misinformation (that's called lying by the way) out into the public domain, then deliberately and consciously decided against correcting it, because you knew your bumbling clowns had shot the wrong guy, and your spin would make for good press. You then continuted to preside over a smear campaign against the guy you helped murder. Meanwhile you were deliberately and consciously taking steps to stiffle the official investigation. Oh and now you are trying to dip your podgy repugnant fingers into the Kate Moss distraction in a misguided attempt to 'move on'.

"I don't think we actively withdrew the misinformation that was about," he said. "We allowed, or we didn't contradict sufficiently, the stuff about Mr Menezes vaulting the barrier. I don't think we did enough.

Indeed Blair, thanks for clarifying your own crimes.

He admitted that he had considered resigning after Mr de Menezes' family called for him to step down. "I certainly did," he said.

Funny because you said the opposite from the outset, "I will not resign", of course you should resign and be charged with conspiracy.

..But I don't think it was right for the organisation, or for the country, or for London to do that. The big job is to defend this country against terrorism."

How is an armed gang grabbing a guy minding his own business on the tube then releasing 11 shots into him "defending this country against terrorism" ? What do they teach you at police school ?

Blair, it's not a question if maybe possibly it will be ok for you carry on and bumble through because you are through. You are disgrace. A walking, corrupt, stupid pathetic disgrace, who's character is so stained now, quite frankly I am surprised you are still there. Mr Lame Duck Commissioner covered in blood and lies from head to toe, still coldly gloating about how state-sponsored murder is just fine, and there will be more people wrongly shot for a greater good. Well you are a useless, criminal, politicized police chief, a mere play thing of the other Blair and his masters. A toy to be used by those who profit from the 'War on Terror'. And contrary to your statements Blair, you are not 'out of the woods', you're still deep in them in case you hadn't noticed.

And now you want to introduce pseudo-martial law with soldiers acting as police (while they take a leak). Get real and take your early retirement Blair. You were nothing but a sad experiment in policing that went badly badly wrong at the worst possible time, you have brought the Met into disrepute with your murder, lies and crackpot schemes.

The Metropolitan Police face a disastrous future under Ian Blair to put it mildly, the people of Greater London need to reject Blair as a figure head for the police and officers should be regularly informed about the disgust felt towards this pathetic idiot.

Order out of Chaos indeed.

Clarke wants to compromise..zzzZZZ

3 months bad idea

but look at this:

Mr Clarke also addressed rumours he could be moved from his job in a cabinet reshuffle before Christmas. He insisted that would not happen.

"Tony [Blair] was outraged" at the suggestion, he said. "He denied it to me and I believe him completely."

How does that tally with....this, which we covered before ?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

EU hungry to snoop on internet users

EU is doomed. Globalizating, one federal state, corrupt, unaccountable, laden with ridiculous laws and bureaucracy and red tape. posioned sovereign nations brought into pathetic compliance
Courtesy of of ABC News Au via infowars:

The European Commission has adopted proposals to log details of all telephone, Internet, and e-mail traffic, to combat terrorism and serious crime.

The push for EU-wide data storage came after the Madrid bomb attacks last year, and intensified after the London bomb attacks in July, when Britain took over the rotating EU

This is a massively hot topic, now I must try to make a distinction between Clarke (Blair)'s proposals and these proposals these which have come out of the European Commision; I got that wrong once before in my haste.

Now I did write a huge piece on that(Blair's mad proposals) recently then pulled the article, after reading something on the Guardian's site which seem to throw a bit of my info into doubt. This is a very big, hot, confusing and sensitive topic of course, but a rewritten version will re-appear. Very difficult to get good info on this from the internet itself, and one needs to dig a little deeper to uncover the reality, but jultra shall..

Ian Blair wants soldiers as armed police

'ello, 'ello, 'ello, if isn't Commissioner Murderer, Sir Ian "Order out of Chaos" Blair telling us he now wants to use soldiers for firearms duties in the police'.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair called on officers to be "bold" and consider a range of radical changes to police pay and working practices.
Sir Ian's proposals on using soldiers as firearms officers are hugely controversial after the mistaken shooting of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes in July.
"Could we bring staff directly in from the armed forces, give them a small amount of basic training and then clear instructions as to their firearms duties," he said.

Poor Sir Ian Blair, it must be tough at top being so corrupt, stained, discredited, crap, useless and pathetic while trying sweep his bungling murders under the carpet. (On that subject it now emerges that Blair and Blunkett were told of a secret shift to a "shoot-to-kill" policy three years ago).

Could it get any worse ? Any more depraved and sickly ? If I were one of the good Met officers out there I certainely couldn't serve a day under this disgusting clown.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Blair relished wars as 'blooding' rite

Blair's ex spin doctor tells of Blair's gleeful, joyous mood on his wars

Under civil service rules, Mr Price had to submit his manuscript to the Government for clearance. He was then asked to make cuts. The newspaper claimed one of those cuts was an account of Mr Blair's mood when he sent British bombers on joint raids with the US over Iraq in 1998.

"I couldn't help but feeling that TB was relishing his first blooding as PM, sending the boys into action. Despite all the necessary stuff about taking action 'with a heavy heart', I think he feels it is part of his coming of age as a leader," read Mr Price's original. The censored account read: "I couldn't help feeling that TB had mixed emotions about sending the boys into action. He said he did it with a 'heavy heart', but at the same time he must have known it would happen sometime and maybe it's part of his coming of age as a leader."

He also sheds light on the close relationship between Mr Blair and media proprietor Rupert Murdoch.

The newspaper says he wrote: "Apparently we've promised News International we won't make any changes to our Europe policy without talking to them," and that the censors came back with this wording: "Apparently, News International are under the impression we won't make any changes without asking them."

This tells us what we already knew of course, sick corrupt rotten UK traitor Blair gets off on this stuff. Do we need to go any further ? What more do you need to know ?

Monday, September 19, 2005

Blair kisses Murdoch's buttocks

Corrupt, disgraced, murdering, traitor liar Tony Blair kisses Murdoch's backside and tells him the BBC coverage of hurricane Katrina was "full of hatred of America' and 'gloating' at the country's plight"

Murdoch, now where have I heard that name before ?

I'll say it again, in case you haven't got the picture yet,

Blair+his buffoons == corrupt, liars, traitors, murderers, bad government, rotten, diseased, sickly, enemy of truth, enemy of freedom.

Fat bumbling porkturd Charles Clarke gone mad

Fat evil pig traitor evil corrupt Charles Clarke

Corrupt fat, useless, soft, pathetic coward traitor man beast pig thing Charles Clarke, like Blunkett before him finally goes mad. The strain of the job is all too much for Clarke who now wants to send people to prison for five years for 'glorifying terror'

The government's proposed anti-terrorism laws published yesterday are so widely drawn that anyone who "glorifies, exalts or celebrates" any terrorist act committed over the past 20 years could face a sentence of up to five years in prison.

But the small print of the draft terrorism bill published yesterday shows that the home secretary is preparing to go even further and draw up a list of historical terrorist acts which if "glorified" could mean a criminal offence being committed.

Clarke, you are an obese silly old buffoon. Would anyone weep if a terrorist blew your fat repulsive hide into a thousand pink pork scratchings ? I think not.

Now, people be under no mistake. New Labour are corrupt and diseased and finished. They are a criminal treacherous goverment gone rogue, who need flushing back down the toilet they came from. I very much doubt this piece of stupid junk will ever become law; instead it's part of the "2 steps forward, 1 step back" approach that corrupt goverments use to get new law passed. At the last moment Clarke will capitulate and then say he has made massive concessions to his shitty bill.

It's truly pathetic, but we know where this is really coming from. Clarke in all his fatty fudge bluster about world wide biometric standards, and data snooping is just a clumsy pawn. It all comes from Blair, who in turn gets it from God knows where. Hell ? The Bilderberg group ?

But yes it is official. Accept no more spin. Wake up. The UK executive of government is completely and utterly rotten. Rotten to the core on an ideological and industrial scale.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Business will dip into UK ID Database

The Register reports the businesses will have 'graded' access to ID Card database

Surevelliance from cradle to grave indeed. Your goverment wants to enslave you.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Charles Clarke: sick liar and UK traitor

After admitting earlier this week that ID Cards were a tool to' control society', the Guardian reports that soft fatty Charles Clarke told MEPs to put aside civil liberties considerations and back a British plan for Europe-wide retention of internet and mobile phone data to track terrorists.

Clarke, the thought of you and your corrupt treacherous master masturbating yourselves over MY internet activities is truly horrific and sickening beyond belief.

What's this 'British' all about ? Who's interests are you representing ? Not me. Not any one I know. The pandering brain-dead Murdoch-reading idiots perhaps ? Or multinational corporations ? What a surprise.

Now from what I can gather via other sources on this topic, this seems to be an attempt to use Europe as a means of implementing this via bypassing British Parliament and any objections at home, and then it's forced adoption and failiure can also be conveniently blamed on Europe if need be.

And that about sums up the extent of this utter evil that's going on; a UK goverment no longer serving a nation but dancing to the most malignant components of globalism. The page is a good analysis and also covers Clarke's sickening quotes about "worldwide biometric standards"; in effect global ID cards.

European wide ? Clarke, you are an embarrassment to the UK like Blunkett before you, and a coward and a traitor like Blair.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Friends claim Khan's statement was faked

The Guardian reports.

This is the biggest bunch of bullshit since the Bin Laden tape. It's all getting so old and so obvious now. Whether this is actually a fake or not I don't know but there is something deeply fishy going on. Why did it suddenly appear ? Where was it all that time ?

Do you have faith in everything that is happening ?

ID Cards are about controlling society

Here's a good one from a couple of days ago:

‘ID cards are about controlling society’

But you are too soft Mr. Clarke. You lack the political will to make Bliar's legacy of unrepentant tyrannical Globalism complete.

Why bother anymore ? Does anyone listen or care to what this rotten corrupt government has to say ?

I don't think so. You will never control those who believe in freedom Clarke. Never. Give up now. Mr Bliar is not going to go out on some golden wave of wonder. It is an impossible task, it just isn't going to happen. He may as well just quit and join the Carlyle Group right now. Why prolong the agony ?

It's very difficult to accept the executive of goverment is completely evil and corrupt and doesn't serve the interests of the country who elected it (well I didn't elect it of course but others did).

Such evil would have been almost unthinkable about ten years ago but that is the reality now in the United Kingdom. A rotting, corrupt carcass is in charge. And that's bad. It's there, exposed in all of it's decrepit glory like a gibbet swinging in the wind. It doesn't even bother to hide itself anymore. And it stinks really bad.

Monday, September 05, 2005

John Humphrys grilling over Labour liars

BBC Today reporter John Humphrys seems to be getting a dressing down by his bosses for telling the truth about New Labour.

The BBC were brought sharply back into line as the government's mouthpiece after the Hutton whitewash and are truly obedient.

UK Plan to incite anti-western propaganda

The Guardian/Observer reports:

British intelligence officers planned a 'black propaganda' campaign against Islamic extremists, infiltrating their groups through the internet, documents leaked to The Observer reveal.
Details of the proposals, contained in a letter from the head of the intelligence arm of the Foreign Office, will cause widespread alarm within government.

The letter reveals that the FCO planned to spread anti-Western propaganda as a way of gaining the trust of Islamic extremists and then arguing that violence was not the way forward.

Last week, in a separate leak, The Observer revealed that the permanent secretary at the Foreign Office has directly blamed the war in Iraq for a growth of extremism in Britain.