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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Unrespected Geoff Hoon re-appears

Geoff demands respect
HoonGeoff "I demand you respect me" Hoon, demoted illegal war lackey of Tony Blair and widely accepted face of New Labour sickliness came on National TV to use the attempted 21st July bombings to make an ill-advised, opportunistic plug for ID Cards.

Cowardly Hoon, tried to say the alledged escaped bomber who went to Rome would not have been let out the country had he been carrying an ID Card.

BBC broadcaster Peter Sissons put it to Hoon that his passport simply wasn't examined properly, prompting the demoted marionette to come out with this gem.

Sissons asked the right question but didn't press him on the point, fuelling speculation that his journalistic skills are sometimes about as good as a wet biscuit.

Further Geoff Hoon reading: Geoff Hoon News

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Police WI-FI disaster

State thought police

The BBC's technological coverage has always been completely impotent and worthless. And what better example than the story of Gregory Straszkiewicz, sentenced for using someone else's WIFI connection, which is not a piece of journalism but a police press release. This is a story from a coule of days ago, and has been well discussed elsewhere but I want to go over some things from the BBC's coverage as it is quite astonishing.

The article begins with:

"There are a lot of implications and this could open the floodgates to many more such cases," said Phil Cracknell, chief technology officer of security firm NetSurity

The first danger sign here being the dreaded security firm quote.

Details in this particular case are sketchy, although it is known that Gregory Straszkiewicz had "piggybacked" on a wireless broadband network of a local Ealing resident, using a laptop while sitting in his car.

Let's hear that again: "Details in this particular case are sketchy".

With wi-fi operating at speeds of up to 20 times faster than broadband it is unlikely to slow the system down noticeably unless the borrower is downloading huge files and, unless the owner of the network has intrusion detection software, he or she is unlikely to notice the squatters.

With wi-fi operating at speeds of up to 20 times faster than broadband?!

How is wi-fi 20 times faster than broadband ??!?! Wifi is a set of networking standards for a WLAN, it is not normally a direct path to an ISP. It is a completely ignorant and inappropriate comparison. So we can see where this article is going.

Not to Simon Janes, a former head of the Computer Crime Unit (Does she mean National Hi-Tech Crime Unit ?) and now operations manager for computer forensics firm Ibas.

'Security expert' again. Getting bored yet ?

"Gaining unauthorised access to someone else's network is an offence and people have to take responsibility for their actions. Some people might argue that taking a joy-ride in someone else's car is not an offence either," he said.

Gaining unauthorised access to a computer is an offence covered by the Computer Misuse Act. In Straszkiewcz's case, he was prosecuted under the Communications Act and found guilty of dishonestly obtaining an electronic communications service.

So why not prosecute under the Computer Misuse Act ?
What was so interesting about the Communications Act ?

The fact that Straszkiewicz narrowly escaped a harsher sentence, had to pay a £500 fine and had his laptop and wireless card confiscated indicates such squatting might not be worthwhile.


At best, it indicates that the police's time is being wasted on frivolous meaningless 'offenses' and their resources being misused.

At worst, it indicates institutional adulteration of the application of law for politcal ends; that someone high up decided to make an example for specific reasons unrelated to the case in hand. Along those lines it may even indicate the individual was payed off to take this punishment.

It would indicate that the British licence fee is being squandered on wobbly useless dregs with no undestanding about the subjects they are reporting on like Jane Wakefield, the supposed author of this 'article'. However in this case, the article is a press release, so I doubt Jane got paid for that.

Detective Constable Stephone Rothwell from Ealing CID was involved in the case and said future cases would be treated in the same way.

"This case is the first of its type in the United Kingdom and it sets an example to people who use increased computer technology to try and avoid paying for the internet," he said.

No it doesn't. Where is there law stating you must pay for the internet?

D.C Rothwell, there are people out there murdering other people, molesting children and strapping bombs to themselves. And this is your police work ?

Sounds like you were not too sure what you were trying to enforce or why, which should come as no suprise from a policeman sitting on his backside arresting people for getting free internet access. And people pay you to do that. Thanks for demonstrating where the some of police's priorities lie and for humiliating your entire force, or were you not aware there was an enormous terrorist plot going on ?

Any policeman worth his sort and who was aware of the law would have asked him to move on and said a resident has made a complaint and that would be the end of it. Instead you saught a prosecution which makes me wonder where that order to prosecute came from and why. And who was this resident ?

Although no one seems to know the exact details of the the specific case (they are sketchy remember), it seems on the face of it that Straszkiewicz should have challenged this properly, instead he seems to have taken the rap for reasons unknown.

Good job the police weren't armed on this occasion.

Friday, July 29, 2005

(In)direct racketeering from Terrorism

So the police nab the entire July 21st gang; in Notting Hill, then in North Kensington and then in Rome. Another guy is arrested in Zambia, alledged to have contacted the July 7th suspects involved. Quite a day's catch. Meanwhile two bombs go off in Spain, and the horror continues in Iraq.

And yesterday there was the IRA's announcement, which everyone decided to ignore the timing of.

Now there is one face that keeps popping up whenever a terrorist related incident occurs in the UK and it's not Osama Bin Laden.

The emerging face of terrorism is Dr Sally Leivesley who is regularly parachuted into live news items on the BBC to enlighten viewers with a running commentary on everything terroresque.

Who is Dr Sally Leivesley ? Leivesley is part of the booming industry of so called 'risk assement' and 'security companies', whom you cannot move for these days.

What does it take to become a security expert ? Some knowledge. Some gullible clients. And plenty of FUD.

Leivesley is part of a group of organizations with a vested financial interest in the War on Terror to help sell concepts like CCTV, ID Cards, RFID, implanted chips and a host of vapourware emergency strategies for enterprise and governments.

The more terrorism, the better for her; she makes money. Without terrror, without the fear of terror she would be out of work. It's that simple.

It may take a cold heart to describe her as a professional seller of snake oil, but there is nothing cyncial in saying Leivesley makes her money off of the back of human misery and disaster. Her comments on the original tube bombings were little more than one enormous advert for her industry which has ballooned since 9/11.

If giant faceless businesses want to piss their money down the toilet on enormously expensive internal security strategies that may well end up invading the privacy of employees and customers...well... that's bad enough and needs urgent attention. But it's the influence these kind of security consultants have with governments and the public at large that deserves enormous scrutiny.

Dr Sally Leivesley Snakeoil

Monday, July 25, 2005

BBC defective shooting coverage

Depending on how you look at it, it would seem that in some unexpected quarters of the press, something a bit too close to a smear campaign of poor Jean Charles de Menezes, the innocent victim killed by police incompetence has begun.

A story was headlined by the BBC, then hastily rejigged into another that his work visa had expired which his family deny. But what has this to do anything ?

Next it will be someone shot, and well we the finger wagging elite can kind of rationalize that he ran from police because he had a minor traffic offense, or someone will be shot but society shall collectively be able to reason it because he had a parking ticket or stole apples when he was a kid.

I hope we don't see a plan to try and find any petty misdemeanor of this or other innocent victims that may attempt to explain away or rationalize horrific police blunders.

To my mind there is no excuse about this, there is no point tiptoeing around trying to say something that sounds politically acceptable to those who still lap up the war on terror mantra. I really feel for this guy and his family who are absolutely right to sue the shit out of the police, not that that is going to be adequate consolation.

What happened to Jean Charles de Menezes is not just some mistake, some regrettable tragedy, error, some unfortunate incident in an otherwise necessary strategy to be forgotten about when the police start shooting the right people.

Jean Charles de Menezes's killing is a shocking, appalling outrage of unbelievable proportions that underlines the blithering incompetence of the UK police with firearms, this ridiculous 'secret' policy implemented by a fanatical propagandist of the War on Terror, and the utter ideological corruption of Tony Blair who bent over like prize gift for one of the most fraudulent and crooked Presidents in US history, to endorse one of the most disastrous, falsified illegitimate wars conceivable.

Yet some in the media baaaa, "let's rally round Tony to protect us from the terrorists"

Why ? After all you Tony created them in this country you corrupt pathetic murderer, liar; you have blood all over your hands in this incident.

And what is more, you have blood all over your hands for the July the 7th bombings.

You would have blood all over your hands for the attempted July the 21st attacks, which thankfully didn't detonate properly.

And certainly you have blood all over your hands for the 25,000+ (but maybe 120,000+ total) civilians killed, others maimed, and troops killed or maimed in the Iraq war.

I hope you are happy great Tony. Great Churchillian Tony, steering us through war and 'picking up on the mood of the nation'. What would we do without you ?

While we are at it, I have been particularly appalled by some of the sickeningly stupid comments plastering the BBC's opinions page regarding the shooting. I have no doubt that a proportion of these are written by the government or even the police, as a conspiracy theory is more acceptable here than the terrifying thought that some people could actually be this stupid.

There is no way to way to issue any rebuttal there, so jultra has decided to reply to some of these right here:

I was in London on the occasions of both bombings and I feel much more comfortable knowing there is a shoot-to-kill policy. I feel sorry for the relatives of de Menezes, but to be honest, if he had a totally clear conscience, why was he running from armed police? If I were challenged by a policeman with a gun, I would drop to the floor and freeze!
Chris Johnson, Gibraltar

jultra says: Chris's policy is nothing to hide makes you 'safe'. Stick to Gibraltar; the real world is too real for you.

The question that we all seem to have, is why did he run? I know that I wouldn't run if the police told me to stop! Was it apparent that the pursuers were police officers? Why on a hot day and with the intention of going on the tube was he wearing a heavy coat? I feel very sorry for the police officers who had to make that split second decision. Do any of us really know how we would react?
Marie, Surrey

jultra says: That's right Marie. A coat automatically means you are a terrorist in tough new secret laws passed by the great Tony. These laws are for your security.

If Jean Charles HAD been a bomber and wasn't shot, then a lot of people could have died. He had all the symptoms of a terrorist, just not the bomb. Running into a packed tube the day after a bomb isn't the best idea.
Ryan McConnell, Belfast, NI

jultra says: I love it! Symptoms of a terrorist, indeed it is a new disease that has baffled the greatest minds in medicine down our way. And maybe you have a touch of it yourself. That Belfast accent makes you a highly suspicious character.

I believe the policemen involved had no choice but to do what they did. They are not going around randomly shooting suspicious looking individuals they happen to bump into at tube stations. It is terrible that another innocent person had to die and my thoughts go out to his family, but we have to stand together and support the police and not let the terrorists win on any level. And if it was my brother shot at Stockwell my views would still be the same.
Jackie, Stockwell, London

jultra says: I know ! I'll tip off the police, or maybe an armed gang impersonating them that your innocent brother is a terrorist and is about to launch an attack on a tube to put that theory to the test.

..I hope that the police continue in this same unprejudiced manner against terrorism. I know not of a police officer who would intentionally kill an innocent man.
Marcus, Shaftesbury

jultra says: "Unprejudiced Manner against terrorism". Do some research Marcus and read up on some of the things that occured within the era of IRA terrorism. Come back later and let us know if their manner was unprejudiced and justice was always done.

We are effectively at war. The police have to act the way they do to protect us. Horrible though it is, this is now a fact of life. Jean Mendezes is a poor innocent victim of this war - as were those killed in the bombings.
John Kirby, Ipswich

jultra says: John, we are at war ! Let's Panic ! Rupert Murdoch and ITV told me we are at war so I believe it ! Brits in Terror ! Boo hoo ! You might feel safe wrapped up in cotton wool by blundering police with guns but you don't speak for the rest of us.

The question that we all seem to have, is why did he run? I know that I wouldn't run if the police told me to stop! Was it apparent that the pursuers were police officers? Why on a hot day and with the intention of going on the tube was he wearing a heavy coat? I feel very sorry for the police officers who had to make that split second decision. Do any of us really know how we would react?
Marie, Surrey

jultra says: Yes poor Police, they have guns and dress in t-shirts and jeans and shoot people and they are alive. boo hoo

No alternative to such a policy in an environment where suicide bombers deliberately target the public.
Robert Jackson, London

jultra says: That's right Robert and if it's your son we will see how you feel.

..anybody who runs from the police into a Tube station in the current environment should expect a deadly response. The police responded appropriately in difficult circumstances to protect the public.
Andrew, Chiswick, London

jultra says: Andrew, why not discuss it with your cool friends in Chiswick at a trendy Wine bar or Bistro. I'm sure you will agree though it's a good job the police were not protecting the public from pointless pouting ****** or they would have shot you a long time ago.

...I completely agree with the actions taken by the British police and would support the same action if it were taken in Australia. The suggested use of an electrical stun gun may have triggered any explosive and the handcuffing of a fanatic, possibly carrying a bomb, would be fraught with danger. It is a war we're fighting and the enemy is not playing by any rules of engagement. Support your police, they are doing it for you.
Lindsay Bennett, Robina, Australia

jultra says: Hey you tell it. That very important international neocon wannabe political hustler and intellectual WMD John Howard has taught you well. Any rumours going around that John's head is currently being used as a football by other International leaders who don't take him seriously and see him as a boring little asshole are a complete lie.

The police had no option, the man could have been a suicide bomber. They could not afford to take chances with the lives of innocent people at stake. He should have obeyed the police when challenged.
Mrs I.E. Brown

Good God help us

EDIT: Jultra's orginal comments tamed down a bit, as they were a little strong and immature. For now...

Crumbly fart Brian Walden condemns freedom

Who would have guessed Brian Walden is still alive ?

This doddery old fossil wrote a horrific diatribe on the BBC's website about how we should all be 'governed', that liberty should be sacrificed and that we should turn away from trying to form any understanding about the current terrorist's actions. The article bordered on senility in places, implying throwing away relationships with Muslim countries, rubber stamping the self serving neo con regime in America and turning the UK into one Christian-Right, self contained partitioned bubble of fear and suspicion.

You can't 'govern' people anymore Brian. People haven't been 'governed' for about 200 years or more, that would be back when you were a young man. People are manipulated with FUD these days Brian, that is about the closest governments can get to 'governing.'

Not that it matters anyway , you won't be around by the time your personal vision of slavery is introduced so it's not something you have to worry about.

Brian, either take your pills or go back into your dusty old wardrobe sick old man. Your article is doing the work for the terrorists for them.

More on shooting

You know something that really bothers me about the recent tragic police shooting of an innocent person is that if they had the guy under surveillance from his flat and thought he was a potential danger why did they let him go on a bus then get all the way to the vicinity of Stockwell tube station ? The news and TV is very measured and tip toeing about this shooting; they are being way too kind and understanding, although at least some are questioning things.

Again, if the police thought someone was a danger why let them get on the tube, why not stop him outside his house with uniformed officers ?

As I read it, this is yet another armed police cock up.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

John Stevens latest gaff

Retired Police Met Commissioner and alleged prominent Freemason Sir/Lord John Stevens just can't keep quiet, this time defending the Police's current policy which caused such an shocking tragedy last week. A policy Stevens put in place.

Sir John Stevens cretin"We are living in unique times of unique evil, at war with an enemy of unspeakable brutality, and I have no doubt that the principle is right despite the chance of error"

Who are you talking about Stevens, you, the government or the terrorists ? This has-been simply can't restrain himself from making endless noisy comments that are not even remotely helpful.

Possible Freemason Stevens has been whipping up the 'War on Terror' for far too long, playing the perfect Bush/Blair propaganda puppet and getting paid for his running commentary in a 'newspaper' that is not fit to wipe your ass with.

Forget it Stevens. Yes there are some fanatical, dangerous individuals or groups ready to cause mayhem but every single fucking comment you get paid to make by Rupert Murdoch's gutter smut rag has been a spectacularly embarrassing, unprofessional sensationalist gaff.

Allegedly exposed Freemason Stevens, has long been spreading his poisonous FUD with regards the War on Terror, ID Cards and a load of other crap which security services and canny politicans have tried to distance themselves from.

If it keeps you from writing any more drivel then go share some of that brotherly love back at the lodge Stevens, and continue to plot the NWO in silence. Now, how's that for a helpful comment ?

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Police shoot wrong guy (again)

So it turns out that the man shot yesterday at Stockwell was not connected with the bombing at all.

That couldn't be worse. Those who thought they were not afraid now have to be not afraid at the thought of a gang of trigger happy police forcing you to the ground while one of them shoots you five times in the head in front of a crowded tube.

It's a horrific thing for the guy's family. What angers me in particular is there were a lot of stupid posts yesterday on the internet and in the newspapers today, kind of along the lines of 'We got one'. So fucking stupid. I hope you are happy with your War on Terror, Blair which, let's face it, you have been a large contributory factor in bringing to the UK.

Are you afraid ?

Not afraid

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Links to Iraq war continue

Leaked secret report directly linked terrorist-related activity in Britain with the ongoing violence in Iraq..

Still Blair denies.

Gordon Brown cheats on budget

This is a classic New Labour trick to move the goal posts or redefine the definition of success in order to claim they achieved their target. This is getting old already.

Nearly 25,000 civilians have died violently in Iraq since the US-led invasion

What heroes Tony Blair and New Labour are. What champions of the world. Three cheers for them.

Also of interest is news that New Labour have made secret changes in the role of 'Special Advisers'. New Labour are obsessed with special advisers of course, they literally cannot exist without them which tells you rather a lot. In the above link, New Labour's use of special advisers is described as having

"compromised the integrity of the civil service and created a powerful coterie of party appointees who had a corrupting influence."

And kinda on this theme another catch for the New Labour Zoo!

Peter Mandelson New Labour
This is the Mandelworm; a hideous maggot that lives on the rotting flesh and dung of poltical opportunity and ambition. It flits around looking for a host, before settling on it's chosen victim which it deems the most advantageous for it's life cycle. It then proceeds to draw vital sustaining fluids from the victim. Unfortunately without a host the Mandelworm is completely helpless. Suitable hosts include: dung, carrion, prime ministers, or insitutions like the EU. Some experts contest that the Mandelworm is not actually a parasite and see it as having more of a symbiotic relationship with the host being, indeed it has been noted that some hosts themselves cannot survive without the presence of a Mandelworm or related species.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Iraq war put UK at risk

Report states the UK's close alliance with the US over Iraq put the UK under increased terrorist risk

Well duh. I always think it's a shame that some 'think tank' has to come up with an answer that everyone already knows anyway.

And I imagine it's not just the Iraq war itself, but the concoction of lies, spin, manipulation of intelligence and outright bullshit that was strewn together to justify it. It's made worse still by the continued remorseless spinning by the Labour government that the invasion of Iraq was still in the best interess of the UK.

If that were not bad enough, the report coincides with the UK government's censorship of a book by the former British Ambassador to the UN Jeremy Greenstock. In his book he is highly critical of the US and describes the invasion as "politically illegitimate". It also apparently contains embarassing conversations with Mr. Blair and is scathing towards US secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice.

Sounds like a good read.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Indirect incitement of terrorism

I had the misfortune of waking up early enough to see the usual stale morning politcs shows today. And who was there ? Lord Piglet (Lord Dome (Lord Falconer), podgy dodgy flat mate of Tony Blair and Chief of Cronies) talking about new terror laws.

Indirect incitement of terrorism sounds like a lot of fun. And a lot of crap. Under this brilliantly thought out piece of New Labour legislation people won't be able to say things like "I hope Tony Blair gets reduced to gibs". or "I wish someone would put Lord Pigletdomecrony on a bit spit with an apple in his mouth and roast his vile porcine form over a blazing fire"

Does this remind you a bit of when Mrs. Thatcher blanked out Gerry Adams's voice ?

Also...da da! Another catch for the New Labour Zoo.

"woof woof!"

Tony McNulty diseased dog

This filthy Mutt was caught eating it's own faeces, yet it also has the unusual ability of being able to crap out of it's mouth. It seems to be in serious distress and is very aggressive apparently due to having 80% of it brain missing. It barks loudly but has no real teeth. It also makes a strange grunting noise that sounds like "AYE DEE CAWDS". The canine has a foul smell and appears to be rabid. Unfortunately, like every bad dog that is a danger to the public it will need to be put down. It's the kindest thing to do in the circumstances.

Friday, July 15, 2005

New Labour Zoo grows

Stephen Byers hero of the truth
Stephen Byers wants to explain why he lied

Stephen "9/11 is a good day to bury bad news" Byers who admitted in court that he did not tell the truth to MPs regarding RailTrack wants people to forgive him. Byers is an excellent candidate for the New Labour Menagerie that will appear from now on jultra. Yes the jultra blog will hunt down these repulsive specimens for you the public's entertainment and ridicule. Admission is free. Previously to netting the Byers annelid, jultra managed to brave the dangerous Third Way jungle to capture this shocking monster which we believe is some kind of man/pig hybrid. As well as enjoying swill and shit out of a trough, the manpig has a voracious appetite for freedoms and civil rights.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Those fat pink pigs, terror winning?

Mr Clarke, trying to whip up more snooping in Europe

What happens after another terrorist attack ? Or another ? Or another ?

Squeeze a little tighter, a little tighter still ? A bit more ? And ?

I think you are a coward Mr. Clarke, a squealing little fat piggy without a clue about the repurcussions of what you are trying to do. No understanding, no care. I could be cynical and hope that you know full well when Europe agrees to impliment something that doesn't really get implimented, and that all you are doing is a bit of lip service to the UK media to make it look like your fat repugnant form is actually trying to do something about terrorism.

But this comes as part of New Labour's agenda of hate of the individual, hatred of enterprise, and mistaken belief that you belong to the government. Sorry fat boy, it's the other way round. At least it should be.

Has the lack of mobile phone and internet records going back ad infinitum hampered the police's investigation ? ahh..um...

Do we want a spineless government that has increased terrorism and buckles under any terrorist threat to be collecting data of what sites we or our children are viewing ?

Personally I think it is high time for a list of ISPS who have been retaining data above and beyond what they need (usually 4 days) as to permit government snooping.

Fancy a EU wide finger print database anyone ?

Friday, July 08, 2005

Terrorist attacks on London

The attacks on London yesterday were a sickening and terrifying event. Many would argue since 9/11 London has been at increased risk, but even more so since the monstrous attacks in Madrid which also served as a direct warning to London.

Yesterday's events are a tragedy for those affected and I can only imagine the horror and pain for those involved, that goes without saying.

I use the tube a lot myself, and I'll be honest it has been a concern in the back of my mind when do I use the Underground. I often pass through Kings Cross, but not usually at peak times.

Because of the UK's long familiarity with terrorism, the population don't go waving flags and jumping around in a big flapping panic, people just get on with life thankfully and that was reflected in a lot of coverage I saw.

But I have a real problem with other aspects of the media side. One or two things I saw on TV were just downright irresponsible, including what looked like (although I had the sound partially turned down) "How to help your kids deal with the trauma of seeing the news".
Good Grief.

Blair himself said:

"Our determination to defend our values and our way of life is greater than their determination to cause death and destruction to innocent people in a desire to impose extremism upon the world"

It would be nice to think then, it is starting to sink into him that the reality of terrorism, is completely unrelated to the extravaganza of spin, and that draconian new laws that will do nothing to fight terror but will greatly inhibit and tamper with the way regular people get on with their lives are best left in the closet.

Personally, my allergy to Blair and resistance to any proprosed ID card scheme remains exactly the same today if not even stronger than before.

And yes, absolutely, we can be extremely grateful for our emergency services and the police etc who are dealing with this but I won't be flying your flag Blair, not by a long shot. Sorry.

Now, I don't know about you but I have some difficulties swallowing a lot of what the so called 'War on Terror' is about, and I think it's high time the world had some better answers.

The way I see it, we are all being asked to accept this argument:

The terrorists hate the Western 'way of life' and want to destroy it. They only want to destroy it and have no political aims at all.

Well, I can understand polticians saying 'we won't give in to terrorists' and other stuff along those lines sure, and indeed one couldn't rule out the possibility that even if all of the problems in the Middle East were to vanish overnight that for one reason or another attacks might continue across the globe. Of course that tends to happen anyway, look at the IRA splinter groups that appeared.

But I have a more basic problem with this. The idea that terrorists hate McDonalds and Eastenders enough to see it as part of some Godless debauchery that has to be destroyed, is for me stretching reality. Additionally, in the end, history seems to suggest that terrorist groups tend to eventually strike some sort of a deal with the government of the day.

Now as you all know, there are lot of theories about what is really happening, lots of Orwellian scenarios about governments creating the terrorists, or letting attacks happen in an attempt to turn the World into one homogeneous police state ruled by a secret elite.

I'm not sure I'm saying that I totally feel that is the reality, but the fact that we are deeply in a situation where these theories are so abundant and commonplace shows that somewhere along the line the relationship between the public and the current crop of leaders has completely broken down. And well you to have to wonder if putting forward utter bullshit as reasons to invade another country has been a massive contributary factor in that.

But anyway, if any of you are into patriotism, the patriotic thing to do is to continute to resist knee-jerk laws that seek to constrict and destroy the basic freedoms people deserve in their day to day lives , and yesterday has convinced me of that more than ever. Otherwise the terrorists, if indeed they exist in the form we have been told, have won.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Bob, Blair and BONO

Breaking news: Bob sucks

It's all very cool Bob, digging up those old Rock'n'Roll fossils from the past and sticking them on stage for another Live Aid, but puh-lease stop toadying up to Blair, it really makes your cause look sad and calls into question your integrity.

On the subject of sad......

Breaking news: Bono is a big fucking stupid wanker

Pop hero and ultra-talented messiah Bono got his crap back. Whoopee. Is just me or is it really strange how U2 keeps winning various 'Industry Music awards' all the time and yet you never hear anything from them and their music is complete total shit. I smell a rat. Bono go and get run over by a bus you ghastly horrible wanker.

Oh yeah Olympics, London. Can't wait. I'll be there with two electric hooks keeping my mouth in a smile while Blair's chip inserted by his secret police is purifying my thoughts and making me wave my flag!! yay!!!!!

P.S Check out the most stupid cocksucking site I have ever seen, unless of course it is a joke and it would be very funny. If it's not a joke then truly it must have been put up by Bliar himself. I have never seen such an appaling bad taste spectacle as this. What next? Thankyoupuppet.com? Thankyoupoodle.com? ThankyouMussolini.com?

Monday, July 04, 2005


Since I discovered Podcasts about a week ago, I have really come to like LugRadio. For those who don't know it's a show about Linux (I guess LUG stands for Linux User Group?) and its pretty fucking refreshing compared to other podcasts in a similar techinal vein. It does a lot of favours for the Linux and Open source movement which is in desperate need of an injection of fresh publicity in my humble opinion and these guys have got that down really well.

Though I am not a huge Linux fan myself (I dabble around with Gentoo a bit on one machine) the LugRadio show has a lot of energy and gets some good interviews with the top people involved in all the famous open source projects like Gnome, KDE, Mono, etc etc. They are not afraid to ask the big the quesitons like where the fuck are Gnome and KDE going to ? Is it worth 'starting again' with Linux ? and stuff like that.

It's very English (as it would be) in it's style, and somewhat reminiscent of the early eras of home computing.

They tend to have it in for Mac users a little bit, but that's ok I'm no obsessed Apple fan, but actually it's probably the best technical podcast/radio show going.

To tie it in with the rest of what this blog has been about so far, they did an interview with the guy who runs the NO2ID campaign and it's well worth a listen. An interesting question which came up on the show was about why are the government still trying to push ahead with this crappy ID cards idea when they know it is going to cause enormous and monstrous problems. The NO2ID guy said after discussing it with several people they came to the conclusion that it was to do with the government's authoritarian instincts.

I think that's being very polite actually. The concept behind the Labour authoritarian agenda is something that needs looking into a little deeper. It's something I am going to return to in the future, because I think it's a really important subject, but be warned it's not going to make pretty reading.

Anyway, if you haven't yet, do check out Lugradio even if you are a Windows or Mac diehard, like I say it's about the best technical Podcast show around.

Some cool links

You know when I started this blog, it was never meant to be about ID Cards. It was actually going to be started as a few thoughts thrown together about the Apple going over to Intel (I haven't even got round to putting that up), but the issue of ID Cards is so important I think it's a topic that I will keep coming back to again and again.

I don't think it is a secret now that there is something ideologically nasty going on within the government mindset, I think to describe it any other way is, well..naive. I am aware that my own words on this subject have become a bit of a rant since last week, but honest to God, I wouldn't write about it if I didn't feel so strongly about it.

Here are some great links about the problems with ID cards:

Civitas article about the complete impending failure of ID Cards

Telegraph article about the enormous decline in enthusiasm for an ID card scheme as people learn more about them

New newsgroup on the subject (and where the above URLS were found)

For ongoing info on how ID Cards will literally rewrite and twist the way people get on with their lives in the UK keep
this page from the Liberty site bookmarked

And of course the NO2ID campaign:

Friday, July 01, 2005

Media wipe out

Seems that those watching the "This Week" political show with Andrew Neil, were in a for a bit of a surprise when Labour MP Diane Abbott (who described the government's ID cards Bill as 'garbage') was abruptly silenced whilst discussing the issue on the show mid flow.

BBC1 mysteriously cut out for about a minute while she was laying into the goverment's spin machine agenda.

List of Labour MPs who voted against the ID Card Bill.

Briefly: More on ID Cards

Blair government sat on illegal immigration figures throughout the election campaign, pretending they didn't exist and then they suddenly found a number amid growing opposition to their ID card policy.