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Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Michael Jackson Story: Part 4

Michael Jackson This is It!

Ok we are bit behind schedule here on everything. Sorry guys. Ok so last night I went to see Michael Jackson's This is It movie, which since it was announced I was very anxious to see. This film of course was assembled after Michael's death earlier this year ; made up of rehearsal footage bought by Columbia (Sony) from the series of scheduled performances in London.

I haven't read any reviews of this film, so I'm writing this fresh, and I may well be saying things that some of you may well already have read about.

The film is certainly an appreciated glimpse for fans of these last rehearsals of Michael's and of course it's wonderful to see and hear Michael perform some of his famous songs again.

As we said before Michael Jackson is one of the great figures of the 20th century. A great unifying figure, a great global figure, a figure of enormous inspiration and gifts and creativity.

Although the early reports about these rehearsals were mixed , even quite positive and there was that early clip of "They Don't Care About Us", as a huge fan of MJ, at times in the film Michael does not seem quite prepared for those scheduled 50 performances.

Some people have said that 'well people get older and so on', actually I don't think that's the issue here at all.

I could be misinterpreting this, and some of this rehearsal footage may be of walk throughs rather than with full blown full energy, and it's important people understand that, but in 111 minutes it was difficult to find a Michael of the past there. I felt this was almost a different person in places.

Although there are some wonderful moments of performance, Michael looks almost in some discomfort possibly pain at times rehearsing, sometimes his gestures seem compromised and he appears quite stressed. His voice sounds great and he's extremely cognizant musically about different nuances he wants from his musicians and so on but he does not appear that well in my view and part of him does not look like he wants to be doing this right now. On the other hand he doesn't look like he's about to keel over any second either.

How much years of horrendous stress, allegations, and cocktails of drugs to try to deal with that stress overall (and I don't mean specifically in the case of propofol/Diprivan administration) contributed to all this, is going to remain a serious question.

Michael said he never wanted to tour again and it would kill him to do so, and there is a sense he's being pushed into doing this.

Like I say I haven't read any reviews or commentary about the film, so I don't know what others have written.

I was talking to a few people about it last night afterwards and I found a lot of people are suggesting Michael was murdered by the "New World Order". I recall I started seeing some of these ideas about a month or 2 back on places like YouTube.

Ok, you can look at these things from a point of view, of who killed Michael, and some will wish to, but again Michael is a great angel-like figure. One of the great figures of the age, with tremendous gifts. Like a lot of great iconic figures they tend to leave this world relatively, sometimes very early.

Now there are things that make you very suspicious, and people should certainly explore this if they feel strongly about it, in some loose ways I agree that the 'New World Order' if you want to call it that did kill Michael, but whatever exactly has happened, overall I tend to see this as the above as well.

Michael Jackson's This is It is of course definitely something fans are going to want to see.

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"Labour depends on the votes of Welfare Britain"

Daily Mail: "Labour has been accused of relying on the 'welfare vote' after the Conservatives published a provocative league table ranking Commons seats according to the number of benefit claimants.

A total of 189 constituencies in the first 200 are represented by Labour MPs, which the Tories claim explains why Ministers are failing to tackle the spiralling welfare bill.

Gordon Brown and 12 Cabinet colleagues represent seats in the top 200, while just four have a Tory MP. "

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