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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Oral histories describe demolition of WTC, while New York Times turns its back on them

Via 911blogger, a new interview with Professor David Ray Griffin (on Guns and Butter radio) where he goes over many of the absolutely extraordinary eyewitness testimonies from oral histories released last year which describe explosives going off in the WTC.

The New York Times worked with familes to get these tapes released and then apparently made the decision to turn it's back on what the tapes were describing.

“[T]here was just an explosion [in the south tower]. It seemed like on television [when] they blow up these buildings. It seemed like it was going all the way around like a belt, all these explosions.”--Firefighter Richard Banaciski

“I saw a flash flash flash [at] the lower level of the building. You know like when they demolish a building?”--Assistant Fire Commissioner Stephen Gregory

“[I]t was [like a] professional demolition where they set the charges on certain floors and then you hear 'Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop'."--Paramedic Daniel Rivera

The above quotations come from a collection of 9/11 oral histories that, although recorded by the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) at the end of 2001, were publicly released only on August 12, 2005. Prior to that date, very few Americans knew the content of these accounts or even the fact that they existed.Early in 2002, the New York Times requested copies under the freedom of information act, but Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration refused. So the Times, joined by several families of 9/11 victims, filed suit. After a long process, the city was finally ordered by the New York Court of Appeals to release the records (with some exceptions and redactions allowed). Included were oral histories, in interview form, provided by 503 firefighters and medical workers"
Prof. David Ray Griffin

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Catastrophic political advertising campaign haunts AOL financial profile

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Telegraph: 'Labour regime like Nazis'

A great find by Blogdial:

So it's been the view of the Lords, senior judges and lawyers and now the Telegraph. This one is just too good read on.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

9/11: Charlie Sheen and the political fallout

Last week, actor Charlie Sheen, reflecting a growing wave of public disquiet, bravely came forward to challenge the official story of 9/11 and CNN has been giving a very supportive platform to Sheen, 9/11 pioneer Alex Jones and others in their coverage.

911blogger, also mentioned on CNN has been running reportage of breaking news surrounding the events and just before Sheen, New York magazine ran a huge article entitled The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll, which explored in exceptional detail many of the deeply held concerns surrounding September 11th 2001.

Undoubtably, 9/11 is now firmly on the agenda and has moved from a snowballing movement in the background to a gigantic, overshadowing monolith in the foreground of everything.

Criticism of Sheen has been on him personally, rather on what he's saying but other major outlets have been more restrained. Fox News (Murdoch as the global propagandist for Anglo-American war) seems to be playing this more cautiously, with some guarded comments on their website and Fox, like the Sun Newspaper in the UK (or any node in his media empire) is a direct reflection of Murdoch's personal thinking on the issue.

Murdoch has invested a huge amount in war, a huge amount in Bush and way way too much in the soiled Blair regime but he's also been issuing various exposés of horrors in the armed forces via the News of the World, it was his Sunday Times that broke the Downing Street Memo, and on 9/11, not long ago, Fox ran a rather benign item on Dylan Avery's Loose Change 2 E (Watch it here, Fox coverage here).

Murdoch, thought to be extremely concerned by decline in his newspaper circulation, is investing a lot in the internet and is presumbably fully aware of what the issues on 9/11 are, and with 82% of Americans agreeing with Sheen, a challenge has been laid down to Murdoch this week that he can't ignore.

Meanwhile in the UK, in a truly pathetic column, the Guardian has already tried to rubbish Sheen as part of a wider phenomenon of celebrities and conspiracy theories, but like all of the attacks on him goes to great lengths to avoid dealing with the actual issues he has presented.

The Guardian of course ran Michael Meacher's famous 'The War on Terror is Bogus' article, which raised eyebrows and it's since had to go into 9/11-denial as result, perhaps watching the fate of people like Greg Dyke at the BBC, or Peers Morgan from the Mirror who dared stand up to regime doctrine. Consistent, on this issue at least, with what has become known as the 'gatekeeping left', it's post-Meacher policy has been to pour scorn on any debate about the issue and try and sweep 9/11 firmly under the carpet.

In the UK political classes, even pre-Sheen, perhaps a sign of growing concern in the Levy-fundraised New Labour regime for being able to hold onto 9/11 as a propaganda tool, was defence secretary John Reid's refusual to mention the event in yet an otherwise sanctimonious sermon about terrorism, whilst Blair, in his recent speech to one of his/Levy world order think-tanks only mentioned it twice as '9/11'.

Apparently though, no one had bothered to inform Gordon Brown's fork of government and Brown has rashly staked his entire political future on potentially-volatile 9/11 orthodoxy. In yet another appalling grandstanding lecture designed to bolster his personal position and to help the ID slave grid vote, Brown included no less than eight mentions of 'September the 11th'.

All of this is going on against the backdrop of the trial of the only person to be prosecuted in connection with 9/11, Zacarias Moussaoui, which has seen witnesses coached, crucial airline evidence dropped and now, fully consistent with the sweeping top-down blockade put in front of all other serious pre-9/11 terrorism investigators like John O'Neil it is revealed:

"An FBI agent who interrogated Zacarias Moussaoui before September 11, 2001, warned his supervisors more than 70 times that Moussaoui was a terrorist and spelled out his suspicions that the al-Qaeda operative was plotting to hijack an aircraft" SMH

Last year, BYU physics professor Steven E. Jones produced a paper urging an investigation into the controlled demolition of both the Towers and WTC 7 in which he cites molten pools of liquid metal weeks after the event (consistent with a thermite reaction), the now infamous squibs of ejecting explosive debris consistent with cutting charges erupting many stories below the collapsing floors, the virtually-freefall speed with no resistance of all three collapses as well as highlighting various doubts within even the US government's own reports about cool fires causing the steel to uniformly fail in such a way as to permit their legendary telescoping pancake theory.

It will be fascinating to watch the political fallout of Sheen's comments in the US, but also in the UK where Gordon Brown is looking feverishly to glorify and exploit the memory of 9/11 for his own ambitions. Only yesterday, the deeply tarnished former defence minster Geoff Hoon doing the bidding of Blair, has come out to desperately try to force the Lords into accepting the Labour-manifesto-breaking ID slave grid which they rightly keep rejecting. This may be a direct response to the widely-rejected veracity of the official version of 9/11 now being firmly forced onto the agenda by Sheen. Of course, 9/11 has always been the rationale used to mask the political choice of the ID slave grid since day one, and no doubt at all, New Labour are terrified of a serious Sheen-inspired celebrity attack on ID cards, which would kill the scheme outright (Anti ID campaigners take note, people were telling NO2ID this a year ago)

Meanwhile, the fanatical Blair, literally decomposing before the world's eyes is out of credits and is left with nowhere to resell Iraq other than to an imaginary audience of Bono followers and blue-sky-thinking intellectuals as a wider 'open' foreign policy against poverty and injustice. One suspects, in reality, Blair is turning towards those who have financed him through Levy and is saying 'look I did all this for you, please don't leave me, please help'

Blair's 'shoulder to shoulder' approach on 9/11, even if seemingly fitting at the time, has been appallingly misused as a piece of enormous opportunistic political pornography to increase Blair's domestic grip and to open future career possibilities for himself as someone who will carry out any radical scorched-Earth 'internationalist' policies whatever the cost and that he will lie through his teeth through to repackage to the public.

Perhaps we should expect another Bin Laden tape soon to bring public thought back in line, but what we really need is a Deep Throat or two.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Fanatical Regime leader Blair uses war lecture as distraction on loans and other scandals

The appalling and burgeoning loans for peerages scandal has been an illuminating reminder to draw back the curtain every once in a while and reflect on who exactly is pulling the strings on New Labour, helping to hold them in government and inflicting this unbearable misery on the UK.

With the coterie of investors revealed, including IT bosses who already take nearly one third of their income via the public sector as unaccountable parastatal inflictors of misery, and, who would benefit from the likes of the human ID slave grid and who are then forced to dismiss themselves, we can visualise more clearly than ever who has been funding the demolition of the United Kingdom.

If anyone thinks the New Labour project isn't a top-down funded imposition, the Independent quoting the SNP's Angus McNeil notes that "With 80p in every £1 received by Labour from individual donors coming from people who have received an honour and every Labour donor of over £1m in receipt of a peerage or a knighthood".

Lord Michael Levy, described as a later-day Kissinger1 by establishment-whistleblower Christopher Meyer, has of course long been identified as New Labour's star money-raiser and was the first beneficiary of Blair's generosity himself. Now Levy is being investigated for selling peerages in exchange for secret loans.

Along with all their declared donations, £14 million in clandestine finance poured into the New Labour project is a clear and unambiguous financial endorsement of perpetual war, gigantic government, unbounded corporatism, and a devastating programme of dehumanization under the radical amoral fervour of Tony Blair.

And we can thank Lord Levy for putting the UK on the fast-track to a third world police state, who's even confessed it is not Labour he is working for, but Blair, and is only fundraising as long as Blair is the premier. This is a staggering point to admit to, because it means that Blair, as the society-rewriting, Orwellian maniac figurehead is exactly and specifically what these financiers are investing in.

Yet, in the latest staged-managed Anglo-American distraction to try to take the spotlight off of the Levy/cash/loans for peerages scandal and the outright boiling hatred toward this government, Blair has decided to pour gasoline on the fire and relaunch his retrospective justifications for assisting in the wanton pillaging, torturing and balkanization of Iraq.

In his speech to the Foreign Policy Centre (which was a Blair-launched 'world order' thinktank and unsurprisingly with Michael Levy 2 on it's council )...Mr Blair claimed the “true division” in foreign policy is between those who want a “closed” policy of “benign neglect”, and those who believe in an “open” policy that tackles Terrorism, injustice, poverty and environmental degradation “with equal vigour” RINF

Blair's speech-writers have gone to great lengths to re-animate Blair's 1999 outlook of 'caring interventionalism' (which could also amount to creating pretexts for forced globalisation and global centralization), to re-manufacture this mindblowing lie over his role in creating the bloodbath in Iraq, his underlying message being, 'No no it's not a disaster, it's evidence for our principled zeal on a far wider pool of noble international 'concerns'.

In the waffling speech, Blair has the audacity to talk about 'safeguarding our way of life' which has already been viciously and deliberately liquidated by the Levy-financed Blair under a quarter of a billion pounds worth of CCTV cameras, the suspension of trial by jury, internment, a growing Brave New World DNA database, ASBO TV, logging all car journeys, pre-emptive life sentences, a proposed ID slave grid and myriad of other measures to make sure people know their place in Blair and Levy's modern forward-looking society. Blair also talks about 'shared values', which for Blair presumbably includes secret loans for peerages to bankroll his tyranny and fill up the Lords with grateful corrupt cronies, a colossal vat of lies to sell the Iraq war on, unbounded corporatism and his most-revered domestic humiliating police state.

Blair begins by talking about globalisation, but unfortunately it doesn't matter what sweet nothings Levy and his collection of Blair backers whisper in the ear of their soiled puppet, unchecked and unbounded and even within the EU, forced globalisation, is destroying the world, not enriching it. More significantly, globalisation, the kind of globalisation we are talking about, where foreign companies run your water supply and defence research, itself, is not an event worthy of celebration, it is a a symptom of unchecked economic choices with zero-regard for consequence and without any consent, mandate or care whatsoever.

Throughout the speech, Blair sanctimounsly masturbates under the blanket of caring pre-emptive modernism, so that he can gleefully lie, even to convince himself that he will hopefullly be percieved somewhere in history as a kind of righteous far-sighted illuminary.

The reality is of course, even the history books of the Neocons will only see him as a peripheral useful idiot, all too ready to betray his own country's troops to try and snatch a place in geopolitical glory.

Blair mentions various 'bad' regimes from his list, all potential targets of his 'open' foreign policy, yet states such as Uzbekistan, favored by the UK as a prized torture resort, or Pakistan with it's puppet nuclear armed dictator, who's officials were happy to sell it's atomic secrets and who it is often reported provided training for the 7/7 bombers, or Saudi Arabia where many of the alleged 9/11 hijackers were born, and home to many Bush family cronies are too useful just as they are to make it onto this 'progressive open' policy list.

People are judged by what they do, not what they say they are doing, and it wasn't a backdrop of modern caring interventionalism that laid down the atmosphere for war, it was WMDs, yellowcake, 45 minutes and an old student dissertation plucked off the internet then literally sexed up some more by Blair's spin doctor Alistair Campbell and passed off as the latest cutting-edge MI6 intelligence. Later the Downing Street Memo confirmed that 'well it's illegal so let's look for ways to make it legal', and as we peel back the layers of Blair's monstrous noble lie, we remind ourselves of the waves of scandalous propaganda needed to enable Blair's vision.

The truth is of course, Blair saw a magical political opportunity with 9/11 to present himself as a radical proactive ideologue ready to rewrite the world. He could also rewrite society back home into his own image of a despotic police state along the way.

He chose to throw himself onto the back of the Neocon PNAC project and the disastrous AIPAC-cheerleaded decision (3) to invade Iraq as an opportunity to be seen as a high-minded and radical reshaper of worlds, a mission now revised into the collective blob of fighting 'injustice', 'global poverty', 'environmental issues' and terrorism.

He thought that by jumping on the bandwagon of the renewed-destruction of a country that had already been battered to pieces, and then repainting it with his ego-driven fantasy about why it was happening he would be perceived as some kind of international hero.

Blair talks about supporting 'Iraq's struggle for democracy'; a horrific bloody struggle that has killed and maimed thousands and has been gratuitously foisted on it's already sanction- and Gulf-war 1-devastated population by well-meaning sociopaths such as Blair and delivered via a shocking hodgepodge of lies to mislead the country into this monumental folly.

Outrageously, Blair's speech designed to repaint his catastrophic horror of Iraq, is also about re-manufacturing the licence for perpetual war, unchecked globalisation and setting a context domestically for the endless rewriting of society. These are not 'shared values' or 'common goals', they are the visonary radical fanaticism of Blair, hopelessly glued on top of the economic cesspit of globlisation, the lunatic empirical Neocon machinations and Blair's obsession with elite global quangos, all vigorously endorsed by Levy and his secret creditors and donors who have actively sought to cultivate this abomination.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Charlie Sheen Questions official 9/11 story

Prison Planet:

"Actor Charlie Sheen has joined a growing army of other highly credible public figures in questioning the official story of 9/11 and calling for a new independent investigation of the attack and the circumstances surrounding it.

Over the past two years, scores of highly regarded individuals have gone public to express their serious doubts about 9/11 [..]

Speaking to The Alex Jones Show on the GCN Radio Network, the star of current hit comedy show Two and a Half Men and dozens of movies including Platoon and Young Guns, Sheen elaborated on why he had problems believing the government's version of events."

Audio Interview here

Mainstream media blackout on Sheen

Update: Charlie Sheen's comments make big piece on CNN

Update 2: Alex Jones in CNN follow up on Sheen.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Lords (4th) rejection of ID slave grid increases

Id slave gridAgainst the backdrop of New Labour's shocking cash-for-peerages scandal, for the fourth time now, the firm and settled will of the Lords is that the Blair/Brown lunatic fanatics are trying to break their own worthless and unread election manifesto pledge of a voluntary entry into their radical and political human slave grid.

Seeing as only around 1/4 of the populaton actually voted to reinstate the soiled New Labour regime amid banana republic style election episodes, there was never any mandate for such a society-rewriting manifesto entry to begin with and the Lords' verdict, now clearly and powerfully delivered four times is absolutely the right position, and reflective of the enormous and growing anger towards the human ID slave grid, which, one way or another has to be vanquished.

Lords have also come up with some compromise to delay the link between passports, but obviously the real issue remains. Nobody wants to be inserted into this sickening human slave grid at all and a public attidude of zero tolerance to this is essential.

For those that think ID cards are something they are in favour of, the responsibility of any good government would be to help re-educate and enlighten these people, not to exploit their useful idiot state-of-denial and claim that as consent for the regime's appalling objectives for the restructuring of society.

If Labour MPs, hoping for a job in Brown's cabinet, are so stupid to think there is some sort of plodding consent for this they are wrong, desperately desperately wrong, and they are heading in a disastrous direction. They will find out the hard way that it's no good just bobbing along listening to Blair and his pet liars such as the porcine Clarke, the vomit-enducing Blears, the pathetic Burnham and that hideous beast McNulty. These people are in grave error and let's reiterate, every single person voting in favour of the degrading, subjugating Human ID slave grid has, ironically, identified themself as a vile oppressor.

And something else about biometric passports; a photo of facial measurements on a chip is one thing, although it's application could very very easily spill into government CCTV systems, which of course the Home Office under the Clarkeswine has said it wants to use to track everyone's movements in realtime. As for fingerprints or Iris scans.... no one should be taking your fingerprints and reading your Iris so that you can leave this despotic hellhole once called the UK.

People are literally watching as their own prison is being created, society is being rapidly deconstructed and re-written into something else where life is one enormous living prison built for the radical sociopathic society-rewriting ideologies of the New Labour regime.

One way or another
, an end has to be put to all of this.

Update: Spy heroine denounces cards

"Baroness Park, who was made a peer by Margaret Thatcher, passed a withering verdict on the proposed cards, ridiculing ministers' suggestions that the system will make people safer. In fact, she said, the complete opposite is true [...]

Baroness Park concluded: "I find it extraordinarily difficult to believe why anyone would voluntarily and enthusiastically come forward and say: 'Do let me join this dangerous club'."

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Charles Clarke: Hog-wild UK regime liar

Charles Clarke liarCharles Clarke, the porcine liar and doublespeaking attack-swine, paid off to impliment the scorched-Earth, Orwellian society-rewriting policies of that other infamous fabricator Blair, again displays his true bacon-flavoured colours, this time in assaulting the father of 7/7 victim who dared to actually ask the tinpot regime for an official inquiry into the events of last July that injured his daughter.

Clarke's distressed and desperate response of “You’re insulting me. Go away. I don’t need to be insulted by you” is of course highly reflective of his disposition and why he's in the job to begin with.

Underneath those bristly flapping jowls that deliver so many appalling lies is a prissy sissy little ego loyal to his sociopathic regime master.

Of course he had to apologise for snorting this out, and indeed one has to speculate very sincerely, at quite why the regime is so sensitive, petrified and desperate to avoid a full public inquiry into the 'worst act of terrorism on British soil', but are more than happy to grandstand off it's results and use their version as a rationale for delivering their Earth-shattering philosophy of tyranny and enslavement.

And on that subject, the Home Secretary is also in difficulty again as he keeps exposing himself as a liar for the regime's most revered religious myth, the ID slave grid, and The Observer in an excellent damning article which explains just how current society is about to wiped away and replaced with something else, says:

"George Orwell would have been pleased to have invented that particular gem. Yet this is not fiction, but the reality of 2006, and we should understand that if the Home Secretary is prepared to mislead on the fundamental issue as to whether something is voluntary or compulsory, we cannot possibly trust his word on the larger issues of personal freedom and the eventual use of the ID card database.

Clarke has now established himself as a deceiver, even in the eyes of his party. "

The problem for Clarke, like all in his regime menagerie who are desperate to cling onto their dwindling power and deliver more and more choking tyranny before enough of the country is aware of what they are doing, is that it just doesn't work anymore.

Time and time and time again, Clarke has been exposed as a repeat-offending and dangerous liar, loyal with, and in agreement to, his master's radical vision for the destruction and rewriting of society. He will dutifully fabricate, warp, distort and deceive to resell Blair's guilt-ridden psychotic and dystopian vision, which we now know is so shameful and destructive in it's scope it simply cannot be described in it's real terms and has to be systematically lied about.

The Observer also reiterates the choking tyranny of the omniscient and ever-growing society-rewriting, centralized human slave grid and a plastique piece of crap that will you be forced to use everywhere, backed up by Clarke's underling Andy Burnham who now wants the cards to have chip and pin.

Meanwhile The Guardian absolutely rightly restates that the Lords must stand firm against this.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Fanatical UK regime collectivist totalitarians lie for their human slave grid again

Daily Mail: "Today in the Commons Home Secretary Charles Clarke urged opponents of the plans to "stop trying to frustrate the will of the people"

Porcine regime habitual liar and National Socialist Charles Clarke of course knowns full well that the will of the people doesn't want to have their lives ruined by a political Total Information Awareness biometric human slave grid.

Total Garbage in, garbage out.

"He said different polls showed between 52% and 80% of people backed plans for ID cards."

The 80% poll was exposed as another government fiction and the BBC poll showed 80% against, and just recently the Telegraph exposed the gigantic and unreconcilable chasm betwen the regime's lies and reality.

You see it's actually quite a serious situation. If you will go that far to lie and manipulate, deceive and falsify for your ideological, religious fanaticism society-rewriting desire of Total Spectrum Dominance, humiliating and degrading biometric data-thralldom with intent to drop the entire population into your grand-vision of an unending ever-growing centralized slave grid that nobody who understands it wants then we have a real problem.

To dress it up in knowingly false statistics, false debates and to keep plucking different bogus rationales out of the hat to throw at it, all calculated to misrepresent and mislead in favour of your theological extremist philosophy of industrialized-collectivist enslavement and dehumanization then we have a massive issue on our hands and one the UK simply can't ignore.

"As home office minister Andy Burnham (snivelling regime career hound) shouted that foreign travel was voluntary, Mr Davis argued for diplomats, soldiers, anyone with foreign businesses or those visiting relatives in need abroad, travelling oversees was not a matter of choice.

"The idea is clearly ridiculous. Under this Bill ID cards are clearly not voluntary they are clearly compulsory."

And he condemned "the disgraceful idea that British citizens, of all citizens, can only leave their own country if they agree to let their own government intrude on their privacy on a scale unprecedented in this country".

'24,000 police officers demand Ian Blair sacked'

From Wedenday's Daily Mail, March 15:

"Met cheif must go for the force's sake, says police leader

Sir Ian Blair was dealt another shattering blow last night after the leader of 24,000 of his rank-and-file officers effectively demanded his resignation over the telephone-taping scandal. Paul Roberts, who represents tens of thousands of serving constables, believes Sir Ian should step down to protect the reputation of the Metropolitan Police.

In an email circulated to key members of the Metropolitan Police Federation yesterdat, Mr Roberts said the commissioner's position was now 'untenable' and he should resign forthwith."

Lords reject ID slave grid for third time

"Yesterday the Prime Minister suffered powerful blows to his authority on three vital fronts. His plans for reform of education - which he has long declared his top domestic priority - having already been eviscerated by his own backbenchers, limped through the Commons only with Conservative support. Second, the Prime Minister's principal policy instrument against terrorism, identity cards, was rejected once again by the House of Lords. And to top it all, the Labour Party treasurer broke ranks in spectacular fashion by denouncing the Prime Minister's unofficial fund-raising operation, which has aroused suspicions of the selling of peerages for cash [...] The third rejection of the identity cards Bill is fitting treatment of a clear breach of Labour's manifesto, which explicitly ruled out compulsory cards." Telegraph

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Repressive UK regime plows on with ID slave grid despite second rejection by Lords

The BBC summarizes:

"The clash came after the Lords threw out for the second time the part of the proposal that would force anyone applying for, or renewing a passport to get an ID card and sign up to the planned national identity database.

The Lords' move was overturned by MPs again on Monday night, albeit it with a halved government majority"

"Opponents argue that, by forcing passport applicants to get a card, the government is introducing compulsory ID cards by stealth and that is breaking the Labour manifesto commitment to make the scheme voluntary.

Home Secretary Charles Clarke has rejected the argument, insisting during a heated Commons clash, that nobody is forced to have a passport, so the scheme remains voluntary. It was a claim, however, that was greeted with laughter and jeers from opponents, with Tory Edward Garnier claiming it amounted to "intellectual dishonesty on a grand scale".

Liberal Democrat spokesman Nick Clegg said the flawed ID card plan was bad enough, "but imposing it on the British people makes it worse". And even some supporters of the proposal are opposing it thanks to the claimed element of compulsion.

The battle has now returned to the Lords where peers will have to decide whether to risk a constitutional clash and defy the government and Commons for a third time. The upshot could indeed be a government pledge to force it into law via the Parliament Act."

This is the scorched-Earth policy which there is no consent for and which the government endlessly lied about from day one to say otherwise; the grand re-writing of society from the top down that the regime hopes no one will notice and will just magically accept as a part of the natural progression within the overall atmosphere of fascism and manufactured fear the regime has painstakingly nurtured with a view to justifying freedom-erasing policy after policy.

The ID slave grid, the database alone likened to a Nazi one by the Lords, is the most revered fundemantalist religious ideology of New Labour, as it provides the bottomless cauldron of anything and everything and is the perfect boundless platform to forever take ownership of the lives and very existence of UK people and re-mould society itself, a point they even foolishly bragged about last year.

New Labour's plan is that the entire population, as they go about their business will just keep their heads down, mindful to modify their behaviour in accordance with the quarter of a billion pounds worth of government CCTV cameras that are watching and recording them, and they (the slaves(you)) really won't mind the day the facial biometrics from their passports will be pooled into these monitoring systems. Meanwhile their DNA is stored on a database and mined for the elusive dissent gene, their internet surfing logged for 2 years and their tagged kids paraded on ASBO TV.

Of course, as they are under threat of house arrest, internment, being put into a government camp on the orders of the regime or even killed by it's political taskforce (the police) they won't want to step out of line anyway and will helpfully put up with the noble lie of the War on Terror, it's effects and interpretation magically ever-seeping into every area of policy making permitting more and more dehumanizing tyranny in the name of modernity. And as the the next layer of humilating suppression and exploitation; the open-ended ID slave grid system appears, it won't really exist if they don't think about it.

And that's exactly the time-tested psychology of ever-increasing oppression that New Labour is hoping to deliver their masterpiece of industrialized slavery by. As Joe Public is faced with more and more layers of choking tyranny he will block it out or go into denial and pretend it isn't happening, or start rationalizing the new circumstances he is in and tell himself because it is happening it must be right and indicative of some kind political 'truth' he doesn't fully understand. Others, like a child bullied or sexually abused, will start to go into a state where they feel they 'deserve' what is happening to them.

Furthermore, there are those that will point to the dehumanizing instruments that already exist as evidence that the next strata of demeaning subjugation is just a progression from that, a point which also permits the regime successive and incrimental notches up in intensity which shows just why it is so monumentally dangerous to deliberately tamper with people's lives like this in the first place. The regime, naturally, describes these denials, confusions and fear-filled "I'll just keep my head down" reactions to it's choices as 'consent'.

And perilously, the more you announce, propose, create and deploy new tools of oppression, the more they themselves, become a kind of fraudulent 'evidence' for their own necessity and for the circumstances that 'demands' them; they are there so they must be 'right'. Right ? Wrong.

The ID slave grid as intended isn't the conclusion, it's just another beginning strand of a deliberate, reckless and self-perpetuating pandemonium and a regressive, repressive bottomless pit of dehumanization and subjugation. The regime is choosing this gigantic rewriting of society and then manufacturing the basis to sell it on, much like a pedophile or mass murderer may try to justify and repaint what he has done. No one is making them do this. It is a choice and that is absolutely sickening.

The Lords should and must continue to fight this tooth and nail; let it ping-pong forever and force the regime into using their Parliament Act. At the end of the day, nobody can live like this, and if the government are so sick, so perverse, so warped by their own sociopathic and genocidal fanaticism then ultimately, there is a clear duty on everybody to strongly reflect on their inalienable option of dragging them out of office and putting an end to this sickening stream of misery and horror once and for all. Every single person voting in favour of the ID slave grid has declared themselves a wretched and dangerous enemy.

See also: Pet Shop Boys protest ID cards

Monday, March 13, 2006

Sir Ian Blair secretly taped phone calls

"LONDON (Reuters) - Police chief Ian Blair secretly recorded a telephone conversation with the government's top legal adviser, his office said on Monday. A Scotland Yard spokesman said Blair, Britain's most senior policeman, taped a call from Attorney General Peter Goldsmith last September. Goldsmith was reported to be "rather cross" and "somewhat disappointed", according to a report on the BBC News Web site. No one at his office could be reached for comment. Blair is already under pressure over the fatal police shooting of a Brazilian mistaken for a suicide bomber after the bombings in London last July. The police spokesman said Blair also taped calls with members of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), a government-funded watchdog investigating Blair's conduct after the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes. "We can confirm that a conversation was recorded with the attorney general," police said in a statement. "Three conversations with senior IPCC personnel were recorded during the inquiry (into the Brazilian's death)"

Is this why the latest de Menezes story was leaked ?

Sunday, March 12, 2006

UK regime police leak their latest de Menezes allegation to media

Puppet policeSomething I haven't covered for a while is the de Menezes killing and it's aftermarth, recently we have seen within hours how senior officers knew that he wasn't a suicide bomber, then there was the ritual polishing of the de Menezes trophy by continuing to rubberstamp their political shoot-to-kill policy and of course the police got caught faking their own logbook.

Now, apparently we have the regime's police latest attempt to exonerate themselves on de Menezes, as, blowing his brains out, letting the world think he was a suicide bomber, then deliberately spinning to the press against him, then building the celebrity of the political Met commissioner off the back of the shooting just weren't enough, so what better than to now turn him into a sex offender to justify the killing, and today, more than 3 years after an alleged 'rape' some girl now comes forward and points the finger at de Menezes.

"Sources close to his family have reacted with fury to the allegations. They accuse the Metropolitan police of deliberately leaking the details of the rape inquiry in an attempt to deflect attention from the investigation into the shooting of Mr de Menezes, who was mistaken for a terrorist by armed officers [...] A source told The Independent on Sunday: "This is a deliberate attempt to deflect the blame. First [the police] tried to say he was a terrorist and now this... he is no longer here to defend himself"

Well indeed, first it was terrorist, then possible suspicious character running when challenged wearing a bulky jacket vaulting down the escalators to escape the police, then illegal worker and now a rapist.

The police and Home Office are clearly still obsessed by trying to reinvent and revise de Menezes' death into an acceptable event that can be rationalized to acquit themselves of the killing and their own cover up(s). From the regime's (the police's political masters) point of view, they desperately want to bury the issue so they can arm the police across the board, as part of the police state deterent against citizens.

You will remember at the time that as if 'running from police' when stopped, 'wearing a bulky coat in summer with wires poking out of it' weren't enough (all total garbage of course), the Home Office deliberately told the press that de Menezes work visa had expired as an attempt to deflect sympathy away from him.

Meanwhile, the Met or at least the probably fairly small Baathist-type loyalist axis (presumbably not the same axis who leaked that 140 senior officers want Ian Blair out) within it that revere the War on Terror and Tony and perhaps Ian Blair kept reporters updated with a stream of spin about de Menezes. Today they are still quite happy to keep dishing up the dirt at opportune times to save their own worthless skins and the plans of their political controllers.

"Officers have contacted lawyers acting for the dead man's family to ask for permission to examine DNA samples taken after his death. These are understood to be held by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) which has been investigating the shooting and has also been contacted by the Metropolitan Police.

The inquiry is in response to a call, more than six months after the Brazilian's death, from a rape victim who named Mr de Menezes as her attacker."

So three years after the alleged rape and nine months since Jean Charles de Menezes' picture became famous, when Sir Ian 'Order out of Chaos/Padded Cell' Blair is being investigated suddenly the police leak the rape story.

Interestingly, the Independent's story seems slightly inconsistent with the Sunday Mirror which says:

"The alledged victim contacted police in London three weeks ago after she saw a picture of Mr. De Menezes on the TV news.

The woman, who is in her early 20s, reported the claim to a West End police station. She said she had been stunned when she saw a picture of Mr de Menezes becausehe bore such a resemblance to her rapist. But there is no explanation as to why she did not come forward last summer when his picture was published."

Additionally it's an advantageous allegation, as rape was a speciality of Ian Blair who wrote new rules for the police in dealing with it.

It's sad that the police are no longer concerned with their crime fighting duties, but are now a catch-all political taskforce acting on behalf of the new empire-driven executive, committed to reshaping society and the world. The police's job is now about building the apparatus of mass surveillence and slavery, about re-educating the public politically and of course shooting the odd expendable immigrant who looks a bit dodgy to make a prominent example of the might of the regime's power.

Sadly it would seem, under New Labour, the police have been redesigned as biddable, third world banana republic puppets to support the dictatorship on internment, ID slave grids, politcal correctness and are content in their new role to act as a media spin machine to cover up and repaint their own institutional putrification as well to aid the regime's religious machinations of the Total Spectrum Dominance of society.

So by all means, they should carry on as they began, using the media to endlessly assault Jean Charles de Menezes who they executed, lied about in official reports, spun against to the press and now want to publically frame for an unprovable crime. Clearly, it's the only way to ensure that pension and future career prospects. The problem is, everyone else can see exactly what is going on.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

ID cards defeated again in Lords

Prison Planet(Independent):

"Peers have thrown out the Government's plans for identity cards for a second time, triggering a constitutional crisis by putting themselves on a collision course with MPs.

The Lords rejected plans for everyone to be forced to register for an ID card when they renew their passport, accusing the Government of reneging on its manifesto promise to make the scheme voluntary.

Lord Phillips of Sudbury, the Liberal Democrat frontbencher, said: "What we have here is a Bill that is compulsory, will require 40 million plus citizens to be interviewed for the purposes of taking out an ID card ... that carries heavy penalties for citizen failure and, above all, which has attached to it a major database of our private information."