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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

New Labour desperate to silence internet

New Labour's plan to 'outlaw' violent net porn" should raise some very big alarm bells.

Possessing and accessing extreme internet pornography could become illegal under government proposals. The aim is for a new offence of possessing violent and abusive pornography. Home Officer Minister Paul Goggins said such images were "extremely offensive to the vast majority" and had no place in society.

Convenient political capital that Liz Longhurst, mother of murdered Jane Longhurst came along with her campaign and fits very much into New Labour's plans for crushing free speech on the internet.

But of course it wasn't images on the internet that murdered Jane Longhurst but a sick individual.

No strangers to obscene activities, New Labour under Tony Blair are desperate for ways to silence, monitor and control the internet.

Now, let's take a look at the background to this a bit more:

Coutts, a former grammar school pupil, now 36, who supplemented his meagre earnings as a pub musician in Brighton by working as a Kleeneze salesman, subscribed to sites specialising in rape, necrophilia and female asphyxiation. He had examined them the day before he killed Jane. After one visit to her body, he returned home to look at them afresh.

If the sites had not existed, Mrs Longhurst believes her daughter would still be alive.

What happened to Mrs Longhurst's daughter is an enormous tragedy but unfortunately playing straight into the bloody hands of guilt-ridden political corruption will not avenge or make right her murder.

She went on interestingly:

"I haven't looked at these sites. I don't want to," she says, in her slow, precise tones. "Please, don't look at them, you mustn't," she urges. "I don't watch violent movies or explicit sex on television. I don't really enjoy it at all.

Thanks for the warning, but again the killer of your daughter was a sick man who you said yourself ."tried unsuccessfully to get help".

She pauses before adding: "You know, I don't know if I necessarily want all pornography banned. A beautiful naked woman - I don't see any harm in that.

"But pornography that incites people to rape, maim or kill, yes. I think that is quite a reasonable thing to want."

Sorry I'm lost at this point. Where is this incitement ? And how is banning them going to help ? How did you come to that conclusion ?

Dr Chris Evans of Internet Freedom says that after 60 years of research there is no evidence that seeing images or videos in this context actually causes people to go out and re-enact what they have watched, which we can all be thankful for, seeing as the world is being slowly conditioned into accepting unspeakable torture which unlike probably the vast majority of these images on the internet is actually very real.

It's ironic that in Blair's world this:

is ok. As is this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

And of course:


But that's not the worst of it. The US goverment are currently sitting on even more horrific images and truly appalling allegations including child rape and torture.

And bizarrely back in March 2004, Blunkett (remember him ?) briefed US officials on the Jane Longhurst case who said:

...it was a significant problem, not in terms of numbers but in terms of the evil of these sites.

If one is measuring evil then where in the eyes of the US DoJ and the Blair government do these pictures above rank ?

Unlike most of these 'obscene' images on the net of violent sexual fantasy, this is all very very real; it's no fantasy at all, and let us not forget Blair has said that he regards all of this criticism of the US as a 'slippery slope'.

The bona fide perverted sicko here is of course none other than Tony Blair himself and the depraved New Labour regime who have supported all of the above, as well as rubber stamping state-sponsored murder while they continue to strangle and rape a blindfolded and already freedom-asphyxiated society which they helped create.

And it's ironic that while Blair masturbates himself and his politicized police force into a frenzy of pornographic voyeurism over your personal life through ID Cards, internet snooping, data retention, uploading NHS records to a massive database to be pawed over on a whim by any cretin, he has the audacity to think he is in a position to decide what is obscene or not.

I'm sure if Mrs. Longhurst thought about it a bit more, she would agree that Tony Blair and New Labour are literally the biggest moral stain and cause for concern in the UK and everyone deserves to be protected from them.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Brief summary

Out of date, been busy. But lets round up quickly from where we left off:

De Menezes Shooting: All the facts point to a cover up

Other articles point to various issues like Missing CCTV footage etc.

We've seen too, and I hate to say this which I say respectfully but families of victims of the London bombings have been politicized and used, their tragedy twisted into bizarre flag waving for the discredited Sir Ian "Order out of Chaos" Blair.

We also have of course Blair set to join Carlyle Group

Charles Clarke 'too soft' (?) to implement Bliar's legacy.

Pathetic Tory leadership contest, where some were trying to prep their own version of Blair last time I looked. Sorry can't even remember the guy's name.

And a cross party coalition against Blair's new terror (laws)

Probably lots of other stuff I've forgotten

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Blair prepares Whitewash for Blair

So now it's from No.10 (BBC), and we have the most insidious, corrupt Prime Minister endorsing the most odious incompetent Police Commissioner. Quite a combo.

When asked if Tony Blair had full confidence in Sir Ian over his handling of the Jean Charles de Menezes case, a spokeswoman said: "Yes."

I can't help but make the prediction that disredited politicized Commissioner Sir Ian Blair will be whitewashed over the murder of Jean Charles. Now that would be a grave poltical mistake as well as being completely preposterous.

There is no legitimacy, no confidence in the Metropolitan Police Service until Blair is gone. It's that simple. Everything the police are currently fighting for in terms of trust is meaningless as long as this incompetent misinfo cover-up buffoon remains.

No coincidence that the only people supporting him are the government and Rupert Murdoch.

This move by Tony Blair will spectacularly back fire, and as a long time watcher of this grotesque Prime Minister who is usually very slick, I am surprised by this announcement which has shifted from "secret senior Labour figures" to everyone going public in a matter of days.

That suggests the IPCC and the Police are feeding Ministers and No.10 with a running commentary and have forseen that Ian Blair's whitewash will be a foregone conclusion and a politcally safe bet. But it won't be a politically safe bet, it can't be because of the reasons given above. To endorse the person who has callously presided over the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes, then tried to sweep it under the carpet and then used all manner of spin techniques, a media mogul and politicans to try rescue him is madness.

Ian Blair is damned beyond measure. He is damaged goods. Arrogant, and aloof and out of step; every second he remains he further dissolves the credibility of the Police.

New Labour endorse Met Chief cover up

In what could be interpreted as a big strategic error, or portent of true corruption and another impending whitewash, deputy Prime Minister, John "Two Jags" Prescott ties the New Labour Party into support for discredited Met Chief Sir Ian Blair:

Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott has given his full support to Metropolitan Police chief Sir Ian Blair over his handling of the Stockwell Tube shooting.

However Prescott criticised the way the force offered compensation to the family of Jean Charles de Menezes in a letter, saying it would be "terrible" if the reports were true.

Whitewash coming? Or diplomatic talk for you will be sacked after the enquiry or will New Labour sink with Sir Ian Blair ?

Embattled Blair sheltered by Murdoch shill

Murdoch owned asset and Police gaff friendly gossip rag The News of World, has given a sympathetic ear to beset Met Chief Sir Ian Blair who is under increasing pressure to resign.

In an exclusive interview, embattled Blair says he "believed for 24 hours that his officers had shot dead a failed July 21 suicide bomber."

However, instead of helping to clear his battered name, Sir Ian Blair has once again managed to smear himself in more questions at the behest of Rupert Murdoch, as the Observer reveals:

Police officers from the team involved in the fatal shooting of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes did not believe he posed 'an immediate threat'.

A police source said: 'There is no way those three guys would have been on the train carriage with him [de Menezes] if they believed he was carrying a bomb. Nothing he did gave the surveillance team the impression that he was carrying a device.'

Sir Ian's latest gaff creates more questions than it answers, threatening to drag the reputation of the Police (as already confessed by Blair) more and more into disrepute. Instead of creating Order out of Chaos, Blair has succeeded in further muddying the waters surrounding the appalling execution style killing which has caused international outrage and which now looks certain to end his career.

"This was the biggest story in the world at that point." said Blair on the London bombings. But ironically, the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes followed by Blair's future is now the biggest story in the world.

Moments before Ian Blair claimed his was informed of the shocking murder he said "I think it's fantastic. The Met's playing out of its socks."

Alarmingly, all this points to a Police Chief out of touch, out of sync, misinformed and oblivious, not in control, who is trying his hardest to spin himself out of trouble but only creating more disorder and chaos out of an already terrible and inexcusable situation.

The News of the World, who likes to give succor to ranting Police chiefs reports Blair as saying

"What concerns me is that this part of the story is concentrating on the death of one individual when we have 52 dead people from all faiths and communities in London and from abroad."

That out-of-touch Blair believes political pressure to be 'tough on terror' outweighs state sponsored murder is enough to demonstrate he is not fit to be in charge; his priorites skewed and twisted by War on Terror fever, and in grave danger of politicizing the entire Police force.

The then 52 that died, did so at the hands of terrorists, not the police. Trying to excuse away your shocking series of blunders, sloppiness and cover ups by trying to hide behind the deaths of others is beyond all belief.

Your credibility is gone Blair and now you must be gone too.

"Not our problem"

"I've made sure anti-terror investigators are not affected. I've told them ‘This is not your problem' said Blair who is content to shield and censor his compartmentalized elements from reality while they feed him with bunkum.

Blair also confesses that the veneer of terror was used to condone the cover up:

A letter was written to the IPCC and Permanent Secretary by Blair also contained concerns that if the dead man was a suicide bomber then certain information would have to be kept from the family—flying in the face of the IPCC's obligation to keep such families informed. Sir Ian says: "That was a legitimate stance for a Met Police Commissioner."

Which tallies with earlier astonishing reports that Jean Charles de Menezes' family were orginally gagged by a blanket of secrecy:

Other relatives will urge the independent investigators to include the family’s list of allegations in the official inquiry. Among them is a claim that the police tried to get Brazilian diplomats in London to persuade Mr de Menezes’s parents not to ask for a second post-mortem examination.

When one was carried out, five days after the killing, some police officers leading the investigation spoke to the pathologist and gave him details of the shooting which, the lawyers claim, the officers at that time should have known were false.

Relatives claim that after the shooting they were moved to a Surrey hotel where the telephone lines in their rooms were cut to stop them explaining to their family in Brazil what had happened.

Meanwhile the Observer reveals more damning info:

Holidaying Executioners

For reasons as yet unclear, members of the firearms team have yet to submit their own account of the events to the IPCC. The two members of the team believed to have fired the fatal shots are known to have gone on holiday immediately after the shooting.


The Observer can also reveal that the de Menezes family was offered £15,000 after the shooting. The ex gratia payment, which does not affect legal action by the family or compensation, is a fraction of the $1 million (£560,000) reported to have been offered the family. Police yesterday denied they had made the offer, which the family has described as 'offensive'.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Scotland Yard buy off over Jean Charles rejected

The Daily Mail reports The parents of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes have turned down a £560,000 compensation offer from Scotland Yard over his mistaken shooting.

Two weeks ago (12 days into the late starting, orginally stifled IPCC investigation - jultra), John Yates, deputy assistant commissioner at Scotland Yard, flew to Brazil to make an initial offer of payment. Yasmin Khan, of the Justice4Jean campaign, said it was flatly rejected; the family were not prepared to be bought off.

"It is unbelievable that at the same time as the Met chief (Sir Ian Blair) is lying in Britain and misleading the public, he is also sending officers out to Brazil to offer money. It adds to our suspicions of a cover-up."

Jean Charles's cousin Alessandro Pereira said: "The police knew Jean was innocent, yet they let my family suffer. They let us suffer. Ian Blair let us suffer. "For three weeks, we have had to listen to lie after lie about Jean and how he was killed...Ian Blair should resign."

Campaigners are demanding a public inquiry into the bungled investigation, while police sources are now claiming the watchdog delayed its investigation into the shooting because it did not want to pay its staff overtime, an allegation denied by the IPCC.

Blair spins phony tribute for honored Mowlam

New-Labour leader Tony Blair has paid tribute to Mo Mowlam, saying she was "one of the most remarkable and colourful personalities in the history of British politics"

Mr Blair said she had...transformed the politics of Northern Ireland.

But forgetful Blair sacked Mowlam in 1999 as Northern Ireland secretary in favor of his long time political ally and New Labour masseus Peter Mandelson.

However Mandelson was not in the position long before he lost his job again, subsequently banished to Europe where he still practices his dark arts.

After becoming increasingly disaffected with Blair's premiership, Mo Mowlam became a vocal opponent of the war in Iraq and stood down as an MP in 2001.

Jultra says: As the second anti-war, anti Blair, anti spin politician the UK has lost in the last month, this is a very sad time indeed. Truly only the good die young.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Shadowy Labour forces secretly backed Ian Blair

The FT is reporting senior Labour figures are privately backing the shamed and beleaguered Met Chief Sir Ian Blair who has confessed his actions and presence represent a liability to the Police force as a whole.

This coincides with secret data Jultra has gleaned from a leading influential left-leaning Labour think tank which reveals stunning conclusions about the rotting condition of government:

New Labour corruption

Embattled false info police chief limps on

Embattled Met Commisoneer Sir Ian Blair who fed the public utterly invented and deceitful information on the state sponsored murder of Jean Charles de Menezes which he later refused to correct whilst trying to stifle the official investigation into the matter so far defies continued calls for his resignation, despite looking more and more disposable as every minute passes.

Desperate Blair, still in a state of denial and spin over the incident, and it's enormous implications seems intent to continue as he began by sweeping damning criticism under the carpet.

Many feel that however Sir Ian "Order out of chaos" Blair has tried to explain himself will still be inadequate considering it was his job to be in possession of correct and accurate information and to report that to the public. It was also his job to correct any false information on the execution. Additionally, it was his job to follow the rules on immediately allowing the IPCC to begin their investigation.

Solicitor Tony Murphy, an independent member of the IPCC advisory group, said it was "shocking" that the police did not make immediate contact with the IPCC.

Disgraced embattled Met police chief Sir Ian Blair

Hopelessly embattled Blair, who likes to keep things under wraps confessed:

"These allegations strike to the heart of the integrity of the police and integrity of the Met"

Thursday, August 18, 2005

String of blunders and lies won't stop

As if it couldn't get worse still as this whole shocking charade continues to unravel, the Mirror has another scoop:

Met Police Commander Cressida Dick ordered officers tailing the 27-year-old electrician to detain him BEFORE he got on a Tube at Stockwell station, South London.

It was also disclosed that police gave a wildly inaccurate account of Jean Charles's final minutes to pathologist Kenneth Shorrock.

Jean Charles's family and friends called on Sir Ian to resign. Family lawyer Harriet Wistrich said: "He should go. Lies have been put out and nobody has corrected them."

Senior government figures have already signalled that the police chief could be sacked.

Yesterday it emerged that Sir Ian wrote to the Home Office on July 22, the day of the shooting, to delay the start of an inquiry by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Solicitors Ms Wistrich and Gareth Peirce claimed police had breached their statutory duty by failing to invite the IPPC to start its probe immediately after the shooting.

And yet some in the press still whine "ooh let's support the police, don't blame the police let's get behind them, we need to be protected against the terrorists"

Well, I say to all you weak, spineless treacherous dirt who rushed to lay blame at Jean Charles de Menezes for running away when challenged which never happened, for the preposterous allegation of wearing a bulky coat which is beyond belief but never happened anyway, for having an expired visa which is irrelevant, you utter trash of humanity who tried to lay blame at this innocent man and scrape the barrel in every way conceivable to infer or outright say he somehow deserved this or he was an unfortunate but necessary casualty to 'send a tough message'.

You rotting maggots who said that, trust me you are as wretched and cowardly and un-British as the comic distractions you parade in your gutter newspapers that 'encourage' others to kill people on tube trains with suicide bombs.

And that means all those finger wagging little Mrs I.P Nightlys who write to the BBC and tell them the police are absolutely right to do what they did, all those rancid pandering turkeys at the Daily Express who begged Tony to protect them from the nasty terrorists: "PLEASE TONY, DO SOMETHING, WE DON'T CARE ABOUT RIGHTS. PLEASE WE BEG YOU.OH GOD PLEASE PROTECT US FROM LORD HAW HAW. JEAN CHARLES DE MENEZES SHOOTING WAS JUST A MISTAKE" deserve torture in hell.

Well done.

And well done to the police, for finding the time to apprehend dangerous wi-fi criminals, while your colleagues try to cover up their own state sponsored murder.

Well done too for ex-police officers, who sit on the side lines getting paid to spout rubbish and smut for Rupert Murdoch, bragging how their policy of shoot-to-kill is just great.

And well done to Tony Blair. War hero, Churchillian Fabian Neocon Third Way Incrimentalist and Globalist who showed us the way and the light. Tough reforms, War on Terror, modernization and role of the UK. The soul, vision and legacy of New Labour who saved the world from terrorism and innocent guys with 'Mongolian eyes.'

Sir Ian Blair tried to stop shooting inquiry

As if it couldn't get worse, it is revealed, Sir Ian Blair attempted to stop the independent external investigation into the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes

According to senior police and Whitehall sources, Sir Ian was concerned that an investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission could impact on national security and intelligence. He was also understood to be worried that an outside investigation would damage the morale of CO19

So based on this and yesterday's ITV report, let us not mince words, an enormous web of lies was spun by Met Cheif Sir Ian Blair, who all the while was trying to stop the IPCC get at the truth.

I think realistically it has to be early retirement for you Blair, along with another inquiry about you. How you got to be knighted, well... the mind boggles.

IPCC kept away from Crime scene

...the IPCC was kept away from Stockwell tube in south London, the scene of the shooting, for a further three days. This runs counter to usual practice, where the IPCC would expect to be at the scene within hours.

Personally, I'm tired of wrong doing and blunders being swept under the carpet under the banner of this secret national security crap. I'm tired of all this talk about secret trials, secret judges, secret evidence. The most important thing, is not secret anything, it is the truth. And although rotten entities like New Labour in the UK and the Neocon regime in the US have tried to poison, twist and devalue truth by saying up is down and white is black it will never stop the truth being the truth, which will always surface in these situations. Trying to sit on what really happened like a corrupt dictator from a banana republic, especially when it relates to a shocking state sponsored execution is one of the most the vile acts possible.

Soldier involved

It was also disclosed last night in documents leaked to ITV News that a soldier played a crucial role in the surveillance operation that led up to the shooting. The soldier was stationed outside a block of flats where police believed two terrorist suspects lived.

Martial Law anyone ?

Both Blairs culpable

Speaking from Brazil, Mr de Menezes's cousin, Alex Alves Pereira, said: "The officers who have done this have to be sent to jail for life because it's murder and the people who gave them the order to shoot must be punished. They should lock them up and throw away the key. They murdered him."

Mr Pereira added that both Sir Ian and Tony Blair shared the officers' culpability. "They are the really guilty ones," he said.

I think that says it all perfectly.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Massive Police blunders in Stockwell exposed

ITV news aired quite a scoop tonight by acquiring leaked documents from the official investigation into the the horrific execution style killing of Jean Charles De Menezes.

The report on ITN's site is not as in depth as the ITV report which went further, but leaked documents from the investigation are utterly contrary to the original story that Police Chief Sir Ian Blair endorsed at the time.

Astonishingly, Police judged that Jean Charles De Menezes was alleged 21st July bomber Osman Hussain despite no positive identification, other than he had "distinctive Mongolian eyes".

The ITV news exposé and the Channel 4 report describe how a member of the police surveillance team outside the watched address was 'relieving himself' while trying to identify the suspect and admitted he could not operate the video camera at the same time.

Yet, Police HQ eventually concluded "That's him. Shoot don't challenge"

A document describes CCTV footage, which shows Mr de Menezes entered Stockwell station at a "normal walking pace" and descended slowly on an escalator.

By 10am that morning, elite firearms officers were provided with what they describe as "positive identification" and shot De Menezes eight times in the head and upper body.

The leaked documents acquired by ITV news express:

CCTV in the station was working fine, unlike early reports that it wasn't

Police were ordered not to let him get on the tube

Jean Charles De Menezes was sitting down when shot

He didn't run or vault the ticket barrier, possibly stepped up pace to catch the tube waiting to depart from the platform.

No bulky long coat (as was already debunked)

He displayed no erratic behavior

Didn't trip and fall

And most importantly the ITV report indicated how no challenge was made by Police, totally at odds with Ian Blair's earlier statements which said:

"...the man was challenged and refused to obey police instructions."

As well as the armed officers on train there was a member of a police surveillance team guiding them.

It is now time for Ian Blair to consider his position, but sadly as with the terrorist threat the real Culprit or Mastermind who bears wider responsibility remains at large and unaccountable.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

New Labour try to keep the lid on things

A bit out of date with stuff here but we have Ministers deny Cook was lined up as deputy PM under a Gordon Brown leadership and the Times reporting that yet more (do we need more?) potentially damning Iraq War emails are being kept hidden by the Bliar government.

A senior source at the Department for Constitutional Affairs, which Falconer heads, said colleagues had been been “s***ing” themselves that the Morgan e-mails would be released after No 10 went against precedent and released Goldsmith’s full legal advice during the election.

I bet they were. The first post I ever wrote in this blog started "It is a strange time". And it is strange to say the least that the UK has a completely discredited lying traitor for a Prime Minister kept alive by the most bumbling, weak, spineless lap dogs the world has seen. Astounding. Amazing.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bush snubs mother of fallen soldier

Here's a fantastic developing story.

While Bush is sat on his fat useless behind on a five week vacation, mother of fallen U.S Soldier Cindy Sheehan is holding a protest outside Bush's Crawford Texas holiday ranch until he comes out to talk to her.

Cindy's son Casey was killed in Sadr City on April 4, 2004.

According to radio reports authorities are threatening to arrrest her and other protesters , claiming trespass law even though she is not on the side of the road of the private property.

Sheehan briefly met Bush before when he bounced into a private meeting in a jovial mood, as though he was attending a party and said: "Now, who are we honoring today...?" as he entered the room, signifying that he didn't even know who he was about to meet.

However it was Bush's recent blunder after the death of fourteen US Marines in Iraq proclaiming the families of fallen soldiers must know their children have died for a 'noble cause' that has caused outrage and offence. Words which Sheehan described as a pack of lies and that it was oil money for Bush's buddies that soldiers are dying for.

As well as being threatened with arrest, White House officials have tried to spin against Sheehan, claiming she was originally pleased with the President's response.

Interview with Cindy Sheehan

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Blair snubs Robin Cook's funeral

Blair mad

Holidaying Blair, taking a well earned rest after the strenuous work of outlawing protest near him decided to snub Robin Cook's funeral. Meanwhile it is revealed Mr. Cook had a book in the pipeline about Labour policy.

I also wonder if he had any TV appearances planned for that Sunday.

Also it is revealed today that Mr. Cook died of Heart disease

Listen people, I've told you many times:

Questioning government line on the Iraq War and going for rural walks is seriously bad for your health

And finally Charles Falconer, head crony and lord of all things porcine defended Bliar's anti-terror plans.

Lord Crony

Thoughts on Robin Cook and Blair laws

I've been too busy to write anything for the last few days but I am very sad about Robin Cook who had the courage to stand up to the rubbish justifications of the Iraq War.

The world has lost a great person, who unlike most of the corrupt performing seals in that cabinet knew and valued what was right.

I can't pretend I'm not more than a little cynical. I can't pretend the first thing on hearing the tragic news was exactly the same thing that went through my mind when Dr Kelly died and I imagine the small number of you who currently read my blog feel exactly the same. Maybe that is just human nature. Anyway that's all I'm going to say for now on that, but I'm very sad.

Now on a totally different subject:

Tony the terrified

Blair looks a little nervous in that shot doesn't he ? Perhaps he is worried that some may see through his tissue of spin. Perhaps he has something else on his mind.

I haven't got time to go over all of Blair's new terror law proposals right now, suffice to say this was interesting:

if we can achieve democracy in certain countries that starts to send a very diffierent signal

I wonder if the great Bliar meant:

if we can impose democracy in certain countries that starts to send a very diffierent signal

Seriously, who would want Bliar's twisted form of 'democracy' ? Blair has sullied and distorted the meaning of democracy. Blair's concept of democracy is about as worthwhile as the Saddam dictatorship he illegally helped overthrow in Iraq.

Oh don't laugh, there are a lot of similarities; the endless denial, the lies, one mastermind surrounded by a cadre of corrupt buffoons, death squads..?

Something else that caught my ear in that speech (Slight paraphrasing):

...only becomes a problem when people are withdrawn from the common culture, the mainstream

What is the "common culture" in the UK anymore ? Drinking tea, tying a hanky round your head, putting on a string vest and watching the Queen?

I wonder if by the common culture Blair means a government loving, keep your head down and shut up, vacuous Big Brother culture ?

Anyway someone let me know, I must be missing out.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

7/7 Mastermind is British Intelligence asset

London Bomber Mastermind being shielded by British security services

The article contains a mind blowing video from Fox news of all places with astonishing revelations that the alledged 7/7 Mastermind has been repeatedly protected by British Intelligence, indeed is considered an 'asset' (diplomatic speak for agent?)

So all the time the police are running around looking for a mastermind...and well you get the picture.

Compare to the anemic:

Zambia to deport terror suspect

Which contains no mention of the Fox story.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Horrific abuse continues

As the heroic trustworthy Churchillian Tony Blair tries to crush freedom of expression to ensure his own safety, appalling reports of abuse continue to leak out of Iraq