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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The BNP controversy

Ok I have been a bit out of it again. Sorry for that. I haven't finished some of things I was going to do yet.

I'd just like to say a few words about the BNP controversy that's taken over in the last few days since Nick Griffin's appearance on Question Time. And I hope I'm not saying anything too obvious.

If anyone has seen the Question Time last Thursday, it's important to remember something that some will already know, but some won't and that Griffin himself mentioned.

And that is that a lot of people in global 'right'/Nationalist movement have effectively disowned Griffin some time ago. Although there's a rather polite article on his site today, people like David Duke and so on see Griffin as, in Griffin's own words a 'sell out' and his behavior as highly suspicious.

It's also important to remember that the history of what is sometimes termed 'fringe politics' is a history riddled with infiltration and agent provocateurs. I know Michael Collins Piper wrote a book about his own experiences called The Judas Goats, and I would like to read it sometime.

There is genuine concern about the radical direction of government that may as well have come out of the early Soviet Union. There's also genuine concern about the very basic fundamental things that make up society, the most precious institutions are being torn apart, attacked and reassembled under a new edict of social modernity aka a kind of anti-culture, a kind of anti-nationalism. Like it or not immigration, culture and race is a part of that discourse. That's nothing to do with being quote/unquote "racist".

There are genuine questions and real heart-felt disagreements people have with the way society and government has gone in many areas and the massive damage that's been inflicted. That's the reality, and it's a painful reality we've been talking about for years on here. And if people want to know why it's happened, and why would a country do that to itself ? That's because "WE", are simply not in control. There are other forces in control.

To make matters worse, everything's become mired in a culture of fanatical political correctness, where little old ladies get interrigated by the police if they don't like a gay parade, all to enforce a set of top-down cultural norms based on sickening lunacy.

So the collapse of government into a rancid quango of remote elites and political lickspittles (New Labour) dispensing extraordinary radical policies and tearing up the rule of law, while at the same time trying to hide what they are doing by giving you new 'values' of 'diversity' and 'tolerance', 'social responsibility' and so on.

And I think there real issues of what society means at all anymore or what the nation state means. And I'm sorry to say I think partly that's the idea by the government and media.

So of course any nationalist or 'ultra'-conservative party is going to gain some political momentum in that environment. And some people won't like or understand what I'm going to say here, but in principle it's not a bad thing at all. The problem I see, is that I think there's a real question mark about what exactly Nick Griffin does represent.

Nick Griffin seems to be there on the BBC getting the publicity he is because he's saying all the wrong things, not the right ones.

From supporting the atrocities in Gaza, to this focus on Islam to this rather evasive blur about what they even stand for, some of the things Griffin says are very difficult to separate from what Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have said and that has to be some sort of clue at least about what's happening here.

And I can't help but be concerned that good conservatives, good nationalists are being fed a line, with a caricature Lord Haw-Haw party that's just going to take them in the wrong direction again.

There is possibly an effort to make the BNP attractive by creating a media hysteria about them.

And the idea that the BNP and Nick Griffin are controlling that is a nonsense. This is all a creation of the media. I.e not the real issues underneath are NOT a creation of the media, they are absolutely real and therefore there is strong possibility that the 'solution' being presented, could be bogus.

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