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Monday, February 27, 2006

Government lied for Brown's ID-slave Britain

Gordon Brown ID cards

The fetishisation of Gordon Brown knows no bounds, and doting Labour MPs just could not resist indulging in their perverse Brownophilia by supporting him over the ID cards vote to assist in his long-arranged smooth transition. But today the Telegraph reiterates what we have already long known:

the government's pro-slavery statistics were a lie.

In a strangely titled piece, the Telegraph's own poll shows only 52% actually in favour of the cards (presumbably that 52% are not fully aware of the industrialised slave system behind the piece of worthless plastique crap they are told to fixate on), yet, conversely a huge majority know full well they are only to be a bad thing with your slave identity to be trafficked indiscriminately within the Anglo-American establishment and to be tendered out to the EU who will be your new slave masters, meanwhile your identity will be lost, stolen and the slave database riddled with inaccurate information.

"The one thing that is already clear is that the repeated claims of ministers that some 80 per cent of Britons are in favour of identity cards is already false."

Surely Gordon Brown is not looking forward to the day middle class England is dragged into a government cubicle to be biometrically branded like cattle just for existing with 14 different intimate and personal biometrics indelibly stored on their file.

Surely he isn't looking forward to the day when you have to have your iris scanned and your ID card read against the government database when you visit the doctor, or are forced to sign on at the Job Center.

Surely middle class England are not going to be happy to learn that their slave identity will form a hub for a kind of private human internet for the government where, in prospect, the tax office can see your medical records and your GP can see your tax returns, and where your bank manager with 'graded access' to the database will be able to see a little of both.

Surely middle class England won't feel safe in the knowledge that the slave database will be being ever automatically mined to look for possible dissidents and 'extremists' much like the appalling and rejected Total Information Awareness system in the US.

Surely middle class England is not going to feel either happy or 'safe' when they have to hold their RFID'ed card up against a reader wired into the government slave database to get a job or open a bank account, or send off for a credit report, a record of which will be permanently stored on their slave file, along with all their government-funded activities.

Surely middle class England is not going to enjoy another layer of dehumanizing bullshit whereby, the police won't even need to ask for your identity card, they will just swipe you down with their RFID reader wand, or remotely grab the identities of everyone at your party with better technology.

Surely middle class England is not going to be happy, when after the next terror attack as has been considered, the Underground and Railways will be wired with ID readers, or Oyster readers will become dual-purpose and you will need to have both read to travel.

The Telegraph concludes, "The gap between generalised preferences and their specific judgments suggests that when the introduction of cards becomes imminent, instead of a distant prospect, the backlash against them - and against the government that introduces them - could be very fierce indeed."


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Britain: the land of slaves and stupid media

UK is a police state tyrannyIt's interesting to watch how a large chunk of the media still respond to the destruction of the country they claim to report on. It very much seems they just don't quite know how to deal with it because they just can't accept it is happening. Cameras everywhere. The police/Home Office announcing they are going to log all car journeys across the country, the carving up of the law, the removal of trial by jury, ID slave grid (ID cards), internment, protesters names permanently being put on terrorist lists and so on. They just don't know what to do because all Blair or one of his minions like Dr John Reid have to say is, "look the terrorists are going to get you".

And let's look at Dr John Reid, a Scottish (allegedly ex-) communist who just recently was proclaiming 'the terrorists are using the media to propagandize about Iraq'. What terrorists ? Us ? The News of the World even ? Are terrorists the only people who believe a tenth-rate communist reject shouldn't be grandstanding about troops his government duped into Iraq on a monstrous pack of lies to begin with ? He also likened the 'terrorists' to 'Nazis' so as to woo all you cretins into thinking that you are stoically fighting Adolf Hitler again. (How do we sell our tyranny to the slaves)?

Reid desperately needs to 'support' the troops, after all under the New Labour tinpot regime that has taken control of all UK institutions, the army are highly neccesary, as, to quote Henry Kissinger “dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy”. On the Blair/Brown grand chessboard British troops are but slaves to help conquer foreign lands for their global oligarchical masters.

Of course Reid's speech is amounts to a ridiculous bucket of crap unfit for human consumption. Total and dangerous and shocking propaganda, laced with Orwellian doublespeak and is really painting all free-thinking people as 'the terrorists'. Indeed outside of the propaganda rooms of No.10, the Whitehouse, the Pentagon and CIA there remains much debate whether Al-Qaeda even really exist in any tangible self-determining independent form, and even if they did what has that to do with Iraq ? To put it simply the UK is being duped into it's own ever-increasing prison, while it's armed forces are puppeted into wars of financial and strategic dominion under a manufactured government-led manipulation campaign.

The police, particularly the Met under the crackpot leadership of Ian Blair, are similar marionettes told to send out press releases of a '50 year war with Al-Qaeda', setting the pretext for an unending conflict anywhere and everywhere and a half decade prospectus to keep people in total ever-increasing humanity- and soul-destroying tyranny.

Of course what comrade Reid isn't telling you, is that while our exploited troops are made fools of and killed and maimed for nothing, the 'terrorists' back home have decisively won the other war so sadly their brave fight has been in vain. But then Reid's speech was designed to lump everything together (Iraq, Al-Qaeda, terror etc) in one big swirling mess of garbage so that you may think British troops in Iraq are 'fighting terrorism'.

The UK has been beaten (well more cooked) into a quivering cowering useless pulp under the Blair/Brown/Oligarchy beast and is now falling over the cliff into all out tyranny. The 'war on terror' (which by it's nature must also mean a war on dissent and the inalienable right to defend oneself against tyranny) is truly a war on people, and none are suffering more than the British who are being conditioned into jellified slaves for the benefits of a handful of crackpots who presumbably are terrified about their own futures.

Interestingly though, Reid doesn't mention the most spectacular 'terrorist' achievement, 9/11. Now why is that ? A few rag tag fanatics letting off the odd bomb here and there just aren't enough to scare people into accepting this tyranny, so why didn't comrade Reid glorify and swim in grandstanding about the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, ...oh and WTC 7 which those terrorists presumbably also brought down with their bombs ?

It is no surprise then that the military is having such trouble recruiting, and Gordon Brown wants a kind of pseudo-conscription by the backdoor of more gullible young cadets to fight his future wars that are already penned in. It's also no surprise that British defense R&D is now the exclusive property of globalisation.

In Mondays's Daily Express one of their columnists talked about 1984, about how Orwell was sickened by many in left's reluctance to challenge the absolute murderous hell going on in Europe under socialism (presumably people like Dr John Reid). But the author exemplified the Neocon/Blair/Brown trap the media have fallen in, and begins his article by blaming 'radical Islam' for turning the UK into a shambolic police state.

Now to be fair I didn't actually finish the column, and then accidentally threw the paper away, so I don't know if he went on to the come to the same conclusion as the rest of us, but it's not radical Islam, who have spent a quarter of a billion pounds on CCTV, and now want to record your car journey and track you by your face on a government database, it isn't radical Islam who are putting you into slavery with RFID'ed ID cards, are uploading your medical records to a government database, stockpiling your DNA and parading your children on ASBO TV for all to see. It isn't radical Islam who are hacking away at the law and the very democracy you live in, taking you into unrelenting slavery of a kind never seen on this planet before. Similarly, it isn't radical Islam propagandizing human chipping stories the day after the Brown-idolatrizing ID cards vote in parliament, or making sponsored-speeches about biometrics in supermarkets. And it isn't radical Islam sending British forces to their deaths on the back of old student essays plucked off the internet about Iraq.

It is a of course a fallacy to conclude that these things are a result of radical Islam, they are political choices, reflective of an ideology and, it would seem at least, derived from a manifesto that we are not yet privy to.

Indeed, who cares about ID cards, cameras everywhere and facial tracking grids if, as a result, the very country itself no longer resembles any semblance of something worth fighting for? Perhaps that is question now in the minds of UK forces who are literally dying for nothing. They are not fighting for freedom, justice or anything even close and their country has been fast tracked to destruction while they weren't looking. The UK is a place where real liberty is being removed at an exponential rate, a country where many appear to aspire to nothing more than shuffling along to their worthless cubicle job, holding up their Oyster card to a reader as they go, then binge drinking their pointless weekend away in a smoking-free zone while being recorded by dozens of government cameras.

In some respect, I guess these people deserve the government they have, but the media overall should know better. To be fair the Independent, the Guardian, the Telegraph and the Observer have made some good noises recently, but the newspapers are often compromised, twisted and lost, caught in this trap set by the administration that to challenge our direction will put you at risk, leaving no option other than to repeat the propaganda offered by the government.

But we are now at a point, where the press, 'right', and 'left', need to make a decision about what they are doing, because the situation is at a distinctly dangerous point. It's not satisfactory for editors or columnists to cling on to their fetishes about Labour and projecting their personal beliefs onto the back of Blair and Brown and trying to pick out the worthless peripheral policies they may agree with.

It's no good talking about schools and hospitals when the basis of society they are built on is descending into a worthless stupified police-state. Similarly it's no good the Daily Mail cheering for more yob controls when the very solutions depoyed by this government are just more humanity-removing despotism.

Murdoch, is a special case of course, but blindly continuing to propagandize to the plebs on behalf of Blair and the Neocons when the UK and US are being slowly gutted and raped is starting to look ridiculous. Indeed even Murdoch has made some interesting noises lately, and he may be trying to have his cake and eat it, the News of the World has been doing some good scoops, but his generally never-ending stream of pro-war pro-anti terror drivel is disingenuous shit, and I very much doubt Murdoch actually believes a word he is printing or broadcasting.

In the UK you've got this sickly double-headed beast of Blair and Brown that has hijacked and defaced the democratic process and poisoned the very institutions of the country. It is trying desperately to put people into a new kind of unending and every-increasing slavery and tyranny and a lot of the media still need take their head out their anus and start actually confronting the situation, otherwise they can only be judged as complicit in the process.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

An inglorious day for Parliament and liberty

From the Telegraph (via Prison Planet):


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Gordon Brown: helping to slaughter the UK

It is astonishing that MPs feel more passionately about a smoking ban than the gratuitous and terrible rewiring of the UK populace into a biometric slave grid, perhaps not surprising though, I guess smoking is now terrorism too.

On ID cards, what struck me in the run up to that vote was the continuation of the staged-managed ritualistic introduction of Gordon Brown (you don't think Blair really couldn't get a different flight do you ?), and it's with no satisfaction at all that I note the enormous and destructive intentions of this guy who could well be far worse than Blair, which is saying something. It's amazing to read Brown's incredible lies about 'people starting to want ID cards', what total utter garbage. But then of course people want to have their entire lives compromised by the ID slave grid from a government that initiates wars on lies and invests in torture. And then Brown wants you to fly your flag for how wonderful this country is. Do you see how this is more than just the usual political fibs ? This is actually heading in a very dangerous direction and that is now very palpable.

Painting himself in 'tough on terror' and fake patrotism for a country he has actively helped destroy as part of his Faustian agreement, Brown, like his co-conspirator, is of course cashing in on manufactured fear to warm up for his new position. That alone should tell you something is really wrong, and indeed it is, especially when a large chunk of that terrorism backdrop was always a government hoax to begin with. But Brown's ego and thirst for power knows no bounds, and it should come as little surprise that the battered-UK is now being forced to witness his Kim Jong-il-style long-arranged 'smooth transition' ascendancy.

Who wants to live in Brown's third world globalist police state that's championing the slavery of China as the new model for the world to folow? That's not living and I certainly don't associate with what the UK has become; a cowering pathetic stain on the world map, a repressive dictatorial regime with a used military puppeted into wars of lies for the benefits of the financial HQ of globalisation and the new world tyranny painstakingly engineered off the back of the controlled demolition of the WTC.

Whilst some may pity and laugh at Brown's invented 'tough security' image , as what he is doing is so painfully obvious and a toe-curling embarassment to watch, nonetheless, the bottomless security response to the 'terrorist theat', regrettably amounts to enforcing the pet projects for the global junta, and paving the way for a fear based tyrannical regime under Brown with terrorists in every nook and cranny. Like Blair, he has made the active decision to sell the British population into this new world ideology that is apparently so aggressively committed to putting the planet back into darkness.

Be afraid and angry, because the options are starting to crumble here and I'm not sure I can see any easy way out of this hell other than something rather dramatic.

Now Brown is trying to talk up biometrics in banks and supermarkets, as if that is normal too, yet buying a pack of frozen chicken and a bag of potatoes via a thumb scanner isn't normal. I'm sorry the biometrics industry had no propulsion or outlet pre-911, but that's not my problem. Unfortunately we are being put back into a new-slavery because, after all, potatoes are now terrorism, and industry just has to keep throwing their stupid thumb/hand/iris scanners at everything and hope they will catch on.

Expect injected human chipping here to be promoted by a Brown government after the next terror attack, pedophile or missing child story. First it will be terror suspects and child molesters, then children, then the elderly, then the unemployed, then all NHS patients and so on. Remember though, it won't be compulsory as you might not use the NHS. Already, as predicted the chip is being glamourized by companies purporting to be '1337 haxxors', and press releases fed out by worthless front-subsidaries of Verichip and IBM about chipping their staff are fed to the UK media immediately after the ID cards vote. These people can't even wait.

However, on ID cards, there is the genuine and enormous likelihood, well more a total certainty of the whole ID slave project being axed, as the middle classes are suddenly confronted by having to turn up at an office and have 14 different biometrics, and a ton of personal and linked up information about them assembled into one place on their government threat-assessment and monitoring file (information which will be sold on of course as well as their new slave identities shared with the EU Stasi). That, along with a realisation that they will be holding their RFID'ed card up against a reader to get a job or have their Iris scanned to buy a car, all of which will be indelibly recorded on their government ID file. That's when all of this will fall to pieces, and then the penny will drop that this was a gratuitious political choice, and isn't going to save them or society from any evil at all and why on Earth did this go ahead to begin with ? Well seeing as only 23% of the UK voted for New Labour it was hardly a mandate. I would expect this to fall apart.

But however much ID cards are a disaster, a terrorist attack or 2 later and hours of vomit-enducing grandstanding by Führer Brown about 'waving flags' (nasty eh, but that's what he's been saying already) and 'rallying round the government in this time of crisis' and they may well just like to keep it alive however much of dismal joke it is, especially if Cheney the terrorists let off a suitcase nuke in America. So I'm also very much considering my future in the UK now as life here is becoming unbearable, and would be even worse under Gordon Brown. It's not just about ID cards, it's about the slow destruction of this country into a pile of sickening goop that bears no relation to any kind of reality or worthy aspiration. Sadly, this country is fucked and the situation is no longer tolerable. Even if you get rid of all the cameras, the ID cards, a bunch of the laws Blair has created and broke away from the EU, you've still got an enormous set of problems to deal with.

Blair decided to use that scenario, not challenge it, to build the police state on top of the existing problems and chose to fabricate new problems and exacerbate the original ones.

More widely, Blair became an ardent follower of a kind of amoral doctrine, where there is no good and evil or evil is good for the greater good (As the Neocons did in PNAC). From all the evidence, Gordon Brown is set to carry on that tradition (although I'm now wondering if some of the more sinister policies of Blair came from Brown) and make things a whole lot worse.

Will it take Tiananmen Square type events in the Brown UK for people to get it? Then the BBC's website will have comments (purporting to be from members of the public) saying 'they deserved it for protesting' and the Home Office and the Met will be spinning information out to the controlled media that one of the protesters had dropped a piece of chewing gum in 2002 and 'it's right for people in a responsible society to be shot for protesting ' and 'The rights of the protestors have to be balanced with the rights of the tanks'

Don't say nobody warned you.

See also Gordon Brown's tyranny of security

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Nuke the European Commission

I needed a break from all of this for a while, but lets pick up a few things quickly:


The possibility at least, of media motivation in fanning the flames of these illustrations which were actually originally published some time back should raise questions. Freedom of speech absolutely, but what is troubling is the backdrop of Iran, and the possibility that some at least in the media are not championing freedom of speech for it's own sake but are deliberately trying to fan flames and provoke a reaction with an Iran strike in mind. After all, the news, particularly the US news has been littered with talk about Iran's 'nukes'. Someone has made that decision and is consistently putting out alleged intelligence reports about Iran's intentions. In these circumstances, I really don't feel the furore over the cartoons can be seperated from that context.

In the UK, quite why some are then complaining when people (assuming they are not pay-rolled MI5 assets) exercise their freedom of speech in response to the cartoons is beyond me. Of course, with Britain, all you need to know is that any angry response is, shock horror, 'glorifying terrorism'. Well how convenient as Parliament is just about to vote on such a concept.


The editors/proprietors of the Telegraph, like many outlets, are itching for the lasest phase of the new world hell, that being for a long-planned Iran offensive to go ahead. It's worse in the US of course:

Although I think even the Telegraph used the 'n' word recently too. Who has come up with the strategy of callling Iran's nuclear programme 'nukes' ? nukes nukes nukes. Those dirty A-rabs are going to nuke you with their nukes, quick lets get them first so we can be safe from the terrorists.

Surely there can't be anyone left on the planet who actually takes this garbage at face value anymore ? How did the media get that corrupt ? Why shouldn't Iran have nuclear energy or weapons anyway ? There's another question. Unfortunately while the world is being played like a fiddle, rather a lot of the mainstream media are largely content to be the paid-off complicit conduit for this never-ending stream of propagandizing crap. It is astonishing.

Next. This is old, but I want to mention it:

European Commission wants to regulate internet

Most people are well-aware of the new attempt to resurrect a strangulating European Empire. After the previous recent ventures of Nazism and Communism didn't really work out, the European Commission of the EU as the latest and most dangerous incarnation of that wants to regulate the internet, as predicted a while back here, by drowning it in 'hate legislation'. One needs to ask themselves, who is pushing for that, who is sponsoring that, who is lobbying for that and why ? Not surprisingly no one wants this.

Here's my controversial cartoon about the EC...

Nuke the EU, kill the Commission, kill them all
(Stop it at vunce! Zis iz completely unaccpetable!!! LOL -j)

Princess Diana

Next: Astonishing things continue to happen with 'Operation Paget', Sir John Steven's investigation into the death of Princess Diana. Stevens' laptop was stolen and then his office was broken into again. Well well well. Steven's work in Northern Ireland was torched as you may recall (um by the same people) so I guess he is quite he used to it. Can't say I much like Stevens who's a part-time paid mouthpiece for Rupert Murdoch, but he's come out recently to say Al Fayed was right to call for a further investigation and that the results of the inquiry (which has now been extended by another year) will be 'astonishing'.

Blair still crumbling away

Blair, his soiled regime in ever more pathetic tatters is now reduced to begging for support: "Addressing Labour's spring conference in Blackpool after his party's shock defeat in the Dunfermline and West Fife by-election, Mr Blair appeared to admit that his own position as Prime Minister now hung in the balance ahead of what he said were two "critical votes" in the Commons next week."

That would be the ID slave grid and terror legislation; critical to the tyrant's remaining strands of his authority and credibility. Utterly worthless damaging crap to everyone else, Blair is saying now, 'oh please ID cards will save us from the tewwowists'. Last week it was ID fraud. Yawn. Yup, that joined up government slave grid where you need to hold your RFID'ed card against a reader and get your iris read to buy a packet of crisps, which will be instantly put on your government threat-assessment file will make us safe.

(Again, I will never take an ID card)


White House knew scale of Katrina disaster from start, official reveals

Well of course they did, the Neocons aren't interested in helping anybody survive. Are they are relying on a future fullscale martial-law dictatorship circumstances to ensure they can never be brought to justice for all their evil? Meanwhile, just hand out those no-bid clean-up contracts to Halliburton and don't say a word other than Iran's making nukes. nukes, nukes, nukes. (Pssst! Don't talk about Israel's 400 actual nukes though, that's hate)

Ian Blair

Oh, you want to see something funny ? In yesterday's Daily Mail (print edition) there was an article about how Ian Blair is being warned to shut up or be sacked, they even named his successor. I couldn't find the article on the Mail's site or any other, but look at this for the government spin machine in action:

32 different sources with, word-for-word, the exact same article from Charles Clarke saying 'no it's not true'.

Hey Home Office keep spinning that propaganda shit out (to the Press Association wire?), and wonder why no one gives a crap about anything you say anymore. Think I'm going to take that ID card and be inserted into your slave grid ? Think again.


Professor Steven E Jones lecture from the 1st of Febuary is available as a torrent here

Here's the paper he wrote.